Ottawa’s Catholics say Pope Benedict XVI right for his time

Story from Monday here with yours truly featured.

The coverage didn’t show what I would have liked…no kidding…it’s the CBC.

Remember, folks, although it’s a long shot…he’s still the Pope until February 28, 20:00 hours (1900 GMT).  That means his declaration is not a fait accompli He can renounce the abdication before that time.  In fact, there’s probably a written declaration he will sign to make it official.

Not likely to happen, but it is a possibility that no one is considering.  Remember, he tried to resign twice as head of the CDF and Pope John Paul II refused.  He didn’t want to become Pope, but he accepted it as God’s will.

Lightning struck the Vatican after the Pope made his announcement.  A different kind of lightning can strike again.

If Pope Benedict XVI resigns, there are a number of very qualified and able men ready to take over.   Our own Cardinal Ouellet is even favoured by the bookies with odds at 5:2.  Hey, even the Apostles drew lots to fill an empty spot.

++ Ouellet used to be really into hockey in his youth, apparently.  He would look good in white.  First stop on the Papal tour:  clean up the rot in Quebec and catch a game at the Forum, whey

Go Habs Go.


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