Canadian Police Unilaterally Legalize Pot

When the pot-smokers invaded Parliament Hill and other cities across the country a few days ago, openly smoking their dope, the cops did nothing. Makes you wonder who really writes the laws in this land and what legitimacy the cops have when they arbitrarily choose to enforce some laws, ignore others, and sometimes make them up by destroying the property of peaceful pro-life protesters.

Get this quote from a cop in Vancouver:

“Our intention isn’t to necessarily act on those that are committing minor offences,” Montague said. “We would have to take anything that is brought to our attention, we would have to look at and decide whether or not we should act on the information we have.”

Montague noted that over the years, the rally has been a peaceful protest and there’s no reason to suggest anything different this year. (Source)

So if you’re peaceful when you commit and offence, you get a free pass? But if you’re peaceful while not committing an offence, like Cy Winters and Donald Bruneau, you get harassed.

This approach by the police not only shows a lack of guts, but its completely heartless. Pot is not a harmless drug, Mr. Montague. I had a friend who, at the age of 15, was already addicted to pot. His life was in shambles. His brain was so lethargic that even by his early 20s he still couldn’t finish high school. Who’s going to protect this young victims? How about a little compassion from the cops?

2 thoughts on “Canadian Police Unilaterally Legalize Pot

  1. Your comments remind me of the movie “Reefer Madness”. Maybe the cops know something relevant about this issue. Booze is 100 time a bigger problem than weed.

  2. The cops didn’t do anything because they’re cowards and didn’t want to start a riot. Ask any cop in an objective setting and they’ll tell you that pot is the first step to hard drugs. This had been widely researched.

    Booze in modest doses is not bad. It’s actually healthy. But there’s no healthy dose for casual pot smoking.

    Booze is such a big problem because its legality makes it widely available and socially legitimate. Legalizing pot would exponentially increase its damage to society.

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