3 thoughts on “Ottawa mayor to pro-family citizens: ‘I don’t want your vote’

  1. The voting Canadian public’s political apathy, and indifference leads to their Politicians passing Bills into Canadian Law legalizing ,and thus normalizing degenerative behavior, even to impressionable schoolchildren by decree.

    Western voters have been late in realizing that allowing their politicians to pass Bills into Law legalizing morbid Sodomy, and Homosexual Marriage changes our entire society. The concept that say’s,” what is legal is moral”, has been used throughout history to legalize, and thus normalize unscrupulous acts. The Western Human Rights Acts, makes these legalized human wrongs into human rights, and so-called social justices.

    Now liberal Secular Governments, Courts, Popular Media Moguls and Teachers Federations etc.make agreements with homosexual activists to normalize this unhealthy lifestyle to all innocent, impressionable public school children. Their argument being some children may be born homosexual, therefore all impressionable Canadian schoolchildren should be nurtured in schools by adult teachers, and homosexual activists into believing homosexuality is normal. This way the entire school curriculum nurtures homosexuality to vulnerable children.

    The Homosexual Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister addressed, The United Nations, to normalize homosexuality, as a human right to innocent, susceptible schoolchildren in all The Countries Of The World , as Canada does. The Popular Media moguls, and their puppets applaud him.

    My fellow Canadians think on this; then vote responsibly, and hold your politicians accountable for passing Bills into Law that corrupt children, and our entire Western Society.

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