Ottawa Jim Watson Endorses March for Life Again This Year

For the third year in a row the mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, has proclaimed that the day of the Canadian National March for Life be honored as ‘Respect for Life Day’ in the nation’s capital. Campaign Life Coalition, organizer of the National March for Life, was informed by City of Ottawa Protocol Advisor Alison Thomas that Mayor Watson issued the proclamation today.  The mayor notes that the National March for Life, taking place this Thursday, has been taking place in Ottawa for the past fifteen years “to bring awareness for the need for life-affirming solutions.” “Thousands of people from across Canada and the United States will come to Parliament Hill to participate in the March for Life on May 9th, 2013,” the proclamation reads. (Source)

There’s no stopping us now!  As the March for Life grows every year, it’s going to be harder and harder for the politicians to ignore us.

As the Federal MPs look outside of their windows and see the largest GROWING annual political rally in this country’s history, they have to ask themselves this simple question:

Who are we going to believe?  The aging pro-abort rhetoric or our own eyes?

They might not understand the ethics of crushing the skull of  a defenseless baby girl because she’s a girl, but surely they still know how to count votes.

2 thoughts on “Ottawa Jim Watson Endorses March for Life Again This Year

  1. “A woman’s right to bodily autonomy outweighs fetal pain because we live in a society that does not force people to use their bodies to support others — not their organs, not their bone marrow, not their blood, not their skin. We do not force people to sacrifice parts of their bodies to save others not because we don’t care about a patient’s pain, but because we recognize that bodily autonomy is an essential part of a functioning free society. To suggest that we ignore that and make an exception when it comes to forcing pregnant women carry a pregnancy to term suggests that we force pregnant women to submit to a violation of their rights that we impose on no one else.”

    • Actually, that is not true. You can be charged for failing to provide the necessities of life to a child, if you are a parent. That law applies to children as well as the elderly.

      You simply do not know what you are talking about.

      And, cutting through your pseudo-argument, what we’re really talking about is justifying promiscuity and selfishness, and refusing to take responsibility for one’s actions. I’ve never met a Leftist who had a healthy understanding of adult responsibility and a healthy idea of what self-sacrifice was.

      You have no problem defending your supposed right to “autonomy” but refuse to accept that your “autonomy” ends when another person needs to die for its realization.

      Your pseudo autonomy ends when it encroaches on another’s right to life.

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