Ottawa election : Consider Edward Conway in Somerset Ward

It can be really hard to choose a candidate for City Council. In Somerset Ward, which covers downtown Ottawa, we have 11 candidates running. That’s right, 11 options. And none of them are the incumbent. Brutal. What to do?

I don’t have much info on them. Life and family issues are not as prominent in municipal elections given the narrower powers of city governments. But they’re still very important.

I just read that Edward Conway is the only person at the all-candidates debate who declared opposition to a safe injection site in Ottawa, modelled after Vancouver’s site. That’s good.

Three of the 11 candidates are homosexuals and LGBT activists (downtown Ottawa is very left leaning). Denis Schryburt is a gay man and also a gay-community activist. Jeff Morrison is also gay  and a longtime advocate for the gay community. Catherine McKenney is a lesbian married to another woman. She has been active with the NDP in the past. Those values are too far at odds with mine for me to consider voting for them.

So until I hear something else, I’m voting for Edward Conway.

If you have info to share, please pass it along.

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