Ottawa Citizen reports on Board’s internal emails on “gay rights” scandal

The Ottawa Citizen published a piece yesterday on the scandal surrounding the “gay rights” project at St. George’s Elementary School. It shows how the media is catching up to what the Catholic Intelligence blog had already reported, notably about how the School Board had an excessive focus on public relations. Look at this quote from Julian Hanlon, director of education, speaking of the Principal at St. George’s:

“Make it clear to her that the wheels were falling off and we were in major damage control mode and don’t intend to end up their (sic) again,” Hanlon wrote in an email on Saturday, Nov. 29, at 3:45 p.m. “I spent the better part of Friday trying to skate around the issue, my point being that we support the principal’s decision due to concerns with the initial presentation (the gay marriage piece) but if the girls’ intent was to address it in the context of bullying etc. (as portrayed in the press) it was something we would allow.”

At least the emails made it clear that the Board would not allow gay “marriage” as a topic for the girls’ project because it wasn’t age appropriate. That’s reassuring.

The Citizen also highlights Ted Hurley’s infamous statement that “gay rights are a human right.”  That quote will keep coming back to haunt him and the Board unless Mr. Hurley issues a correction.

Everyone is on the same page about the cruelty of unjust discrimination towards gays. That’s not the issue here. The real issue is this: information collected about the girls and their parents strongly indicates that this presentation will veer firmly into affirmation and normalization of gay behaviour. It would be cruel to expose our kids to such indoctrination

My question to the OCSB: if the presentation does take this direction, will the teacher immediately interrupt it or at least rebut the presentation immediately upon its completion by presenting authentic teaching on how we are to love gays but hate their sins? In any other subject, if a student raises their hand and gives the wrong answer, the teacher always corrects the student. That’s their job so that all the kids learn the right answer. Similarly, if some other kids choose to make their presentation on how the Earth is flat, I’m sure the teacher would correct that error quickly. Hence we ask, will the teacher correct errors presented by these girls, for the sake of the kids?

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  1. In Canada Parents and concerned citizens were organized politically by our good friends starting in 2005,when rotten Legislation and Supreme Court Of Canada decree made Canada a legal destination for sex trafficking predators,and pedophiles,as Canadian human rights.This took time and effort.In 2005 Parliament did not raise the age of sex consent,then right before Christmas The Supreme Court Of Canada majority ruled that consenting 14 year old’s were as consenting adults,that is they are available for those who would sexually manipulate them. After years of hard political organization of our citizens finally in 2008 Parliament passed a Bill raising the age of sex consent, putting an end to legalized sexual exploitation of Canadian youth for the moment.Since that time the majority of Canadian Parents have been silent as more morbid perversions have been legalized,and used by adult teachers and homosexual activists to indoctrinate all Canadian schoolchildren,as human rights.Their argument being that some Kindergarteners may be born homosexual,therefore all innocent,impressionable schoolchildren starting with Kindergarteners will be nurtured by adult school teachers and homosexual activists to accept homosexuality as normal behavior.

    It is refreshing to see that Florida Parents are fighting back against teachers unions who pervert children,as human rights.Be careful what Canadian Federal,Provincial and Municipal Governments talk you into legalizing,as they become so-called human rights used to normalize morbid behaviors to all schoolchildren starting with Kindergarteners.

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