Ottawa Centre Voters — Pro-Life Option!

Pro-life candidate in Ottawa Centre!!

Today I spoke with the Independent candidate running in Ottawa Centre, Romeo Bellai, Catholic trustee in the Ottawa school board. I didn’t show my cards to ensure his objectivity.

Sadly, the fact that someone is a Catholic trustee is no guarantee that they’re pro-life. So I was very happy to learn that Mr. Bellai is very pro-life. He kept repeating that he’s Catholic, that he follows “Church doctrine” and that he believes life is sacred. In the past year, three of his family members died but it was never an option to consider ending their lives quicker. He advocates for better palliative care. He’s also opposed to abortion.

From our conversation, it seems that he’s a conscientious man. He explained that he wanted to speak to his parish priest to better understand the moral implications of women seeking invasive medical treatments while pregnant when it could result in the death of the baby.

Now that’s refreshing to hear from a political candidate, especially in Ottawa Centre which always leans left.

Mr. Bellai Sounds like a good candidate! 

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