Ottawa Catholic school raises over $1,100 for pro-abortion Save the Children

On the same day Pope Francis called abortion “an abominable crime,” a Catholic school in Ontario raised over $1,100 for a secular organization that heavily promotes “family planning” to teens, advocates for abortion access, and promotes the abortifacient “morning-after pill.” (Source)

Free the Children, Save the Children, Empower the Children, Liberate the Children….

It’s all for the children, don’t you know!

Actually, what it’s for is for all us useful idiots out there who are very willing to be taken advantage of.  Why not?  Even when they’re outed, the lidless eye crowd gives us the same look they always do, “what’s the problem?”

One thought on “Ottawa Catholic school raises over $1,100 for pro-abortion Save the Children

  1. The National Women’s Party was founded in 1915 for women to get the right to vote, by Alice Paul. Alice stated,” Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women by men.” There was no disagreement from fellow Suffragettes. The National Women’s Party is an organization like Real Women today.

    After World War Two ,The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten NAZI Leaders for the crimes against humanity for ” encouraging and compelling abortions.” Killing babies who ought to be safe in the warmth of their mothers wombs are crimes against humanity, even though The Nazi Government, and Supreme Court passed laws legalizing these crimes.
    “TRIALS OF WAR CRIMINALS”, Nuremberg Military Tribunal, Washington, DC:U S G P O, Volume IV,page 610.

    Constantine, Caesar of the Roman Empire converted to Christianity about the year 307 from Paganism.
    The Western World was Christian in Government, Law and Education until 1962 when The United States Supreme Court ruled school prayer unconstitutional, and secular morality constitutional. This Secular Worldview or Religion with it’s ethics spread like wildfire,throughout Western Civilization since 1962. Secularism claims dishonestly that it is neutral, but enforces it’s morality, worldview and thus religion on everyone, starting with innocent, impressionable schoolchildren.

    We must not let the Seculars get away with reconstructing Western Civilization, by normalizing perversion and morbidity, as legal so-called human rights and social justices. Parliament is the highest Court as they are supposed to represent citizens, who elect The Ministers to rule over them righteously. In a democracy the voting public is responsible for the Politicians they elect , who pass Bills into Law and can overturn any Supreme Court Ruling. This ought not to be Rocket Science to Christ’s people, so stop masquerading, and politically stand up for your children and the future of Western Civilization.

    From 2005- 2008 we the concerned citizens of Canada politically united, and forced our elected Parliament to pass a Bill Into Canadian Law in 2008.This Bill overturn rotten 2005 Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law, that had made Canada a legal destination for Sex Trafficking Predators and Pedophles to sexually exploit Canadian youth, as so-called legal human rights and social justices. Please keep vigilant as political apathy and indifference leads to decay.

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