Ottawa Catholic elementary school vetoes gay rights project

When Quinn and Polly decided to choose gay rights as the theme for their social justice project, they had no idea the lesson they were about to learn. The pair — both Grade 6 students at St George School, a Catholic elementary school in Ottawa — told Xtra that they approached their teacher earlier in the school year asking if they could choose gay rights as the topic for their project that would be displayed at a school social-justice fair in January. Pending the approval of principal Ann Beauchamp, the teacher saw no problem with their chosen topic. But there was a problem. Beauchamp allegedly barred them from completing the project, telling both the students and their respective mothers, Ann Maloney and Kate Hamilton, that gay rights was an inappropriate topic for their project. “I was really angry,” Quinn says. “We just want to do a project so people can learn about [gay rights],” Polly says. (Source: Xtra)

Apart from the media jumping on every chance to push the homosexual agenda in every place where it is not accepted and extolled as the best thing mankind has ever known, there are substantial issues in this story, including:

1. The OSCB and most provincial Catholic School Boards’ inability and unwillingness to engage the real problem in Catholic education which is the saturation of Catholic identity, in the midst of a hostile culture which seeks to impose a false and destructive sexuality on innocent children.

2. The unwillingness of Church and Trustee leadership to come to a defense of Catholic teaching and discipline in our educational system by barring any children from parents who are in open defiance of Catholic teaching in the area of human sexuality, as Archbishop Charles Chaput did a few years ago when he was the bishop in Denver:

It’s an inflammatory decision, for sure.  In his weekly column, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver reaffirmed the Diocesan decision not to allow a lesbian couple to re-enroll their two children in a parish school. (One of the children would be in kindergarten, the other in preschool, at Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Boulder.)  While he acknowledged the “human side of a painful situation,” the Archbishop stated that letting the children attend would compromise the school’s mission and its ability to offer coherent moral teaching; it would create untenable stress for the children, the lesbian couple, the staff, and parents of other students as well. (Source)

Update: while these parents may not necessarily be in a conjugal relationship, they are still in open defiance of the Church’s teaching.

3. The increasing burden that their lack of resolve has on faithful Catholic teachers and parents who trust the Catholic educational system to watch their backs and protect their children from perverse political and media forces which are clearly targeting the family and striking at the heart of Catholic moral teaching on the authentic beauty of human sexuality.

4. Unless there is clear and unequivocal support from the elected and appointed Catholic establishment, public funding for Catholic education will become a moot point because the education will no longer be Catholic.  And if it goes down without a real fight, their legacy will be remembered as a betrayal of our trust…and God’s.

5. After public funding is removed from Catholic education, one wonders if our collective leadership understands that it is not just Catholic tax dollars that our opponents want to secularize.  The real issue is whether Catholics are even permitted to associate in public on their own dime and be recognized in society….not unlike what is going on at Trinity Western.

We Catholics have a really naïve and sanitized view of what is happening in society today.  It is a willfully blind perspective which does not understand that if evil is advancing, it is not going to stop at simply removing the Catholic Church’s public position in society. It will seek to closet and muzzle us into submitting to the new high priests of a sexual totalitarianism which will brook no dissent or criticism or space for an alternative view.   The real issue here is our right as Catholics to exist in public.  Don’t kid yourselves.

7 thoughts on “Ottawa Catholic elementary school vetoes gay rights project

  1. I find it distressing that when the local Catholic Board actually takes a stance against the Liberal agenda, you have nothing positive to say. Frankly, I expected an article title that said “FINALLY!!!!”. But no, you had to go negative. You have lost any credibility that you may have had.

  2. No need to be distressed. Just focus on the facts. The School Board did not come out and support the Principal but gave some neutral, milksop reply…which is typical of their modus operandi.

    Sorry, but credibility is with those who defend the Faith, not run from it.

  3. Not only did the principal not give a defence of the teaching, she blamed her decision on the hypothetical reaction that might come from “right wing Catholic” parents. Nowhere in this whole story has anyone in authority come out and and explained the Catholic teaching on this. Just mealy mouthed nonsense about “respecting the value of the individual” and such. It’s getting tough to be a Catholic, John.

  4. We live in a Pagan so-called “neutral” Democratic Secular CANADA and Western Civilization in Government,Law and Education.This was Politically and legally decided by Prominent Western Secular Pagans in the early 1960’s. Secular pagan so-called “neutral”Western democracies,such as CANADA now politically and legally is, cannot permit Christianity to influence Law,Government and Education.Secular Paganism which dishonestly calls itself “neutral”has become the chosen Canadian and Western State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion in Government,Law and Education.

    The majority of CANADIAN and Western voters,especially the so-called Christian Clergy,and pew potato’s buy into this so-called “neutral”Secular political diabolical program.They believe anyone who claims to be Christian Clergy,without taking Saint Paul’s advice of searching the scriptures to make sure they are teaching rightly.When The majority of so-called Catholic, and Protestant Clergy preach praising the Secular/Christian divide in Canadian and Western Civilizations Government,Law and Education,they are preaching the diabolical.Children are being indoctrinated in Canadian,and Western schools in the tenets of so-called “neutral” Secular morality by adult school teachers,and homosexual etc., activists,starting with Kindergarteners.The Rockefeller Foundation and other Prominent Seculars funded Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, and his so-called Sex Education that is mainstream in Canada ,and Western Civilization.

    Mien Kampf and The Quran are two very disturbing so-called holy books,both of which desire global dominance for their believers.The attributes of their gods are the same. Study The Articles Of THE NATIONAL REICH CHURCH OF GERMANY,AND HOW THE QURAN TEACHES IT’S BELIEVERS TO DEAL WITH THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN ALLAH. Why, are Canadian and Western Secular Judges ruling against Christian, and Jewish Canadian citizens who state the obvious? Secular Paganism is not “neutral” as it claims to be, but is persecuting Christians and Jews as so-called neutral Pagan Roman did in government,law and education, before converting to Christianity about the year 307.Today,the same Pagan morality is taught in Secular Canada,and Western Civilization to impressionable,innocent school children, by adults teachers and homosexual etc.,activists,as so-called human rights that was sanctioned by Pagan Greece and Pagan Rome.Homoexuals who are less than 2% of the population which cannot have children of their own, desire to normalize their behavior to all Canadian and Western Civilizations schoolchildren to increase their numbers.When homosexuality etc.,is sanctioned in a civilization as it was in Pagan Greece and Pagan Rome more people are enticed into this unhealthy activity. To impose this on all Canadian schoolchildren politically is diabolical.

    Politics is overwhelmingly important in Civilizations for getting righteous laws passed.Who became The Governor of Jerusalem to built it’s Walls? A Secularized so-called Christianity is Paganism. Bullying is wrong,but to sanction homosexuality to innocent,impressionable school children,by adult teachers,and homosexual etc.,activists in the guise to stop bullying is evil to the political,legal, and educational core. This is not the Christian Canada that my contemporaries started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer, led by their school teachers. Our Grandparents and parents were politically righteous enough to have better moral education for innocent,impressionable school children. In my Grandfathers time child perverters were legally dealt with,not educated as school teachers,politicians,and judges.

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