Ottawa Catholic Education…just keep sinking

From a reader…

1) Contraception

 The OCSB refused my Freedom of Info request to see how much they are spending on contraception per year. Unfortunately, my appeal to the Ontario Info Commissioner was denied on a technicality – apparently the legislation doesn’t cover “benefits”
2) Mark McGowan
There is an OCSB PD Day this Friday (“Christian Community Day”). All teachers will be at the Convention Center ($$$$) for a meeting. Sadly, the main speaker is Mark McGowan. He was involved with the “queering” of St Mike’s College in Toronto and slammed Peter Kreeft for presenting the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality. Exhibit A and B.
He is also a big supporter of Bill 13 GSAs and criticizes the Bishops’ Respecting Differences document (page 7):
Wouldn’t you rather have Peter Kreeft presenting to the OCSB in Ottawa?
3) Grandmothers to Grandmothers
There are lots of organizations with tables at the Christian Community Day. Along with the usual Dev and Peace, there will be the pushers of the El Salvador trip to visit Cripdes/Cordes/Equipo Maiz. The Ottawa groups are Salvaide and Compadres “Collective”
In addition, the Stephen Lewis Foundation group “Grandmothers to Grandmothers” will be there. When you donate to G2G, you write a cheque to SLF.
G2G is a direct arm of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

5 thoughts on “Ottawa Catholic Education…just keep sinking

  1. The fake Catholic school board seems to have found their ideological match in McGowan. My prayer that he will just be honest and announce his true identity as a member of the Church of England or the Church of Sweden seems not to have been heard.

  2. Who exactly makes the decision in picking the speaker? Is it the head of the board?

    We should be thinking of the school board elections. When are they happening?

  3. The trustee elections will be in Oct 2014.

    It doesn’t jive with the new policy from last year. Neither does their partnership with Free the Children.

    Policies only have value if those in charge agree to enforce them or agree on how to interpret them. Which in the case of the OCSB, means they don’t mean diddly when the violations have anything to do with sexual morality. That stuff is sacred ground to them. Kinda like Pelosi and abortion. Don’t even think about going there.

    Now if anyone ever thought about bringing in an oil/gas company expert to speak to a science class there would be hell to pay. Let’s just say the teacher who proposed such a thing might even be censured for promoting the exploitation of Gaia. Up is down, and down is up. Welcome to their incoherent, schizophrenic world.

    The board theme is “By our works, we show our Faith”. By their works the OCSB clearly shows how little of the Faith they have.

  4. Are there any legal provisions for removing trustees from office? Are there no disciplinary measures if a trustee violates policy?

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