Ottawa Archbishop calls on D&P to show ‘unquestioned support of the right to life’

June 22, 2011 ( – At the annual general meeting of the Ottawa Diocesan Council of Development and Peace (D&P) June 8, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast said that more needs to be done by D&P supporters to show “unquestioned support of the right to life issue.”  The archbishop added: “Pope Benedict has said that integral human development includes the right to life … Justice and right to life issues are joined together.” …

While the Archbishop’s intentions are noble, it’s a lost cause with D&P.  They won’t let their secular humanism go.  Archbishop Chaput tells us that secular humanism in the Church must go:

The prelate insisted that Catholic ministries must “embody” Catholic beliefs on sexuality, marriage, abortion, and social justice.  If the state intervenes to prevent them from being faithful “through legal or financial bullying,” then “as a matter of integrity, they should end their services,” he said. Everything in Catholic social ministry begins and ends with Jesus Christ. If it doesn’t, it isn’t Catholic,” the archbishop said.  “And if our social work isn’t deeply, confidently and explicitly Catholic in its identity, then we should stop using the word ‘Catholic.’ It’s that simple.” (Source)

2 thoughts on “Ottawa Archbishop calls on D&P to show ‘unquestioned support of the right to life’

  1. Wow, its so cool to have such a great Bishop! WOOHOO!!
    No they won’t all listen, but at least the innocent among them will realize that they have to make a choice.

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