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Primer on Islam’s Conquest

With the recent encroachments of Islamic militants on genuine freedom of speech, our readers might be interested to know just how peaceful the “religion of peace” really is. Mark Bonocore serves up a short piece on the violent progression of Islam throughout history. Despite what we might hear from the pundits, politicians, and propagandists, Islam has a very sordid past with the sword.(Bonocore -12KB – 06.10)

Family Dynamics: The Jews, Christians, and God

Michael Forrest discusses the contemporary and historical issues of Jews and Christians. He rightly warns of dangerous generalizations and anti-semitism. (Forrest – 21KB – 05.10)

Respect for Other Religions

Art Sippo discusses what the Catholic disposition to people of other religions should be. (Sippo – 13KB – 04.07)

Does God Have A Body?

In this article, Catholic Exchange’s Mary Kochan gives a good bible primer and lesson in critical thinking 101 when talking to Jehovah Witnesses about God’s body. A good little topic to discuss next time they come knocking on the door. (Kochan – 04.04)

Review of the White/Stafford Debate on the Divinity of Jesus

Art Sippo offers us a lucid and insightful review of the recent debate between Greg Stafford and James White. Read how both Stafford and White make grammar into a god without acknowledging the necessity of calling in the historic Christian tradition to settle the matter. (Sippo – 9KB – 04.03)

Islam: A Religion of Peace?

An comprehensive expose on Islam. (Ignatius – 25KB – 03.10)

The Four Cardinal Virtues of Secularism

Father Ignatius kicks off The Legate’s return with a blistering attack on secularism and the bankrupt philosophy that undergirds it. It cuts through the pathetic euphemisms and shallow thinking that permeates our society. Indepth, comprehensive, explosive, and devastating, this piece will rock some boats and change some lives. (Ignatius – 162KB – 03.06)

Jehovah Wants You to Become Catholic

A tract against the Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Pacheco – 24KB – 02.01)




How to Speak to a Jew

In this dialogue, a recent Catholic convert from Evangelicalism asks Mark for some help in his dialogue with Paul, a Jewish critic of Christianity. Proof texting is not an option with our elder Abrahamic brethren but a more nuanced and cultured response is. (Bonocore – 43KB – 07.11)

The JWs and their Paranoia with Blood

Ding Dong. Yep, here they come, briefcase in hand and the Watchtower tucked under their arm. They are ready and willing to share the wonderful truth of their sect’s beliefs. Next time you chasitise them for their draconian policy which forbids blood transfusions, make sure that you can use their bible to show them just how unbiblical their teaching is. (Pacheco – 19KB – 03.05)


Did the early Church believe in the Trinity? What is the basis for believing in it from a biblical, historical, and theological perspective? Who has the authority to decide the question? These and other questions are discussed in this comprehensive dialogue on the Trinity between Trinitarian John and a Subordinationist with Jehovah Witness leanings. (Pacheco – 271KB – 99.12)

The Out-of-this-World Translation

The original show must have caused quite a stir with this fellow. He was pretty upset at John’s ability to damage the credibility of the NWT on the first go ’round. (Pacheco – 112KB – 99.11)

The New World Translation (NWT)

One of John’s early encounters with the Arian lie. Read John Pacheco and Prof. Jason Beduhn’s interesting dialogue on the veracity of the New World Translation and other related issues. John thought he did not fare very well in this dialogue, but subsequent reaction to his efforts proved to be much more kind. (Pacheco – 222KB – 98.05)

By Whose Authority?

An amusing (and rather long) dialogue between John and a Jehovah’s Witness follower. Lots of issues covered, but most of the piece is on authority. One of John’s first tries at Apologetics. Kick back with a cool drink and enjoy. (Pacheco – 214KB – 98.01)




Is Judaism A Failure? (Sippo)

Are “deliverance” prayers effective? (Ignatius)

What is the Church’s teaching on ghosts? (Ingram)

Will good Christians meet the Buddha in heaven? (Frohnhoefer)

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