OSCB Caves on Catholic Rights

“The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has made it clear that our attitudes to gay and lesbian people should be addressed with love and dignity in an open and transparent way, when he said, ‘Who am I to judge?’” stated OCSB Chairman Ted Hurley, who also works for the Youth Office in the Archdiocese of Ottawa.

“The core message is that gay rights are a human right and that the underlying attitudes that have led to discrimination need to be addressed in school and in society as a whole,” he added. (Source)

The “Who am I to judge” train wreck just keeps on chugging I see, even though that is not what Pope Francis meant.

The retiring Archbishop of Chicago is battling cancer, but he would
like some face to face time with Pope Francis. “That’s one of the
things I’d like to have the chance to ask him, if I ever get over
there. Do you realize what has happened, just by that very phrase ‘Who
am I to judge?’ How it’s been used and misused? It’s very misused,
because he was talking about someone who has already asked for mercy
and been given absolution whom he knows well. That’s entirely
different than talking to somebody who demands acceptance rather than
asking for forgiveness. It’s constantly misused.” (Source)

And so, according to Ted Hurley, the core message is that gay “rights” are human rights?  Really?  So the normalization of homosexuality is a human right, Ted?  Do you even know what you are saying anymore?  And, to be rather blunt about it, discrimination is indeed a good thing sometimes where it is warranted.  But in this mindless age where nothing is discriminated against, everything and every sin is tolerated as a human right.  The only thing that is not tolerated is Catholic identity and this right – a true and authentic right because it is founded by divine truth – is denied.  Everyone these days has rights, except Catholic parents.

The Catholic establishment has succumbed to the ghettoization of the human person where they are now into identity politics which compartmentalize people according to their sexual habits.  Just how dignified is that?  If someone is bullying someone else, we do not raise the Gay flag, we raise the human dignity flag.  THAT is how to approach the “bullying” question.

Someone please tell me again precisely why we even have a “Catholic” School Board or a publicly funded “Catholic” system that is hell-bent on conforming to the spirit of the age?

Folks, let me tell you something.  There comes a time where you reach critical mass — where bailing water no longer works — and you have to abandon ship in order to save your family.  Well, that time has long arrived, but as we skip through the tulips, it will become more and more evident that it’s time to cut the cord and strike out on our own without the interference of the Gaystapo and its media organs destroying the innocence of our children.

The Catholic leadership in this province has just way too much invested in the system.  No bishop will move to do what he really should because his hands are tied by the whole provincial system. One hand is tied by our Lesbian premier and the other hand is tied by the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops — the latter because no bishop will unilaterally declare any diocesan school board as outside of the Faith.  If, for instance, one Archbishop were to do so, the natural question would be:  if it’s not Catholic here….then is it Catholic there?  They just won’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.  Collegiality must be preserved at all costs…even at the costs of your children’s innocence.

And as for the elected trustees….well….Ted Hurley’s stellar performance gets the Academy award for spinelessness.

If you’re lookin’ for leadership in these places, look somewhere else.   Look to people who are leading the way and preserving Catholic identity and the souls of their children.   You have options. Start seriously considering them.

It’s an amazing thing; it really is.  Me, I’m just wondering what it would take before we sink into the twilight zone in Catholic education.  Now that gay rights are human rights, as Ted says, you can naturally expect the curriculum to be adjusted to teach this…with gay books and all.  And, of course, Ted and his colleagues on the OCSB won’t have any problem with it.  They’ve already sold out…and there’s no turning back now as we ascend Broke Back Mountain.

5 thoughts on “OSCB Caves on Catholic Rights

  1. …looks like there has to be some unambiguous direction from the top, and then enforcement. This would probably result in smaller, but genuine Catholic institutions.

  2. Should real Catholic Bishops permit the homosexual indoctrination, and recruitment of innocent impressionable Canadian school children,by adult teachers and homosexual etc.,activists in the guise to stop bullying?Bullying is wrong,but indoctrinating innocent school children into Kinsey Sex Education perversion is diabolical,especially by Bishops.

  3. Communism, Modernism and the like running rampant, and the Truth is most of people who call themselves “Catholics do not care. So much talk when what is taking place is exactly what Our Blessed Mother said would take place at every level of society if Her Immaculate Heart was not Consecrated to Russia, and it is not going to get better really significantly UNTIL that happens.
    All this talk about fake peace and treating people who hate just because they have “chosen” to hate and follow the devil, instead of Jesus and the Blessed Holy Trinity Of Father God, Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost, and what Almighty God says in The Ten Commandments, and what Our Blessed Lord and Saviour taught about His One and Only Holy Catholic Church. He says to pray to His and our Mother , and Virgin and Queen Mary and She will Intercede for us to Him and She says”Do What He Says.” not some other idol, some other person, (listen to only those who listen to HIm and do His Will, to the best of their abilities.)

    The devil is acting everywhere, and through so many people now blind in their deception because of sin, I guess, with his perverse twist of the Truth, and I will not respect anyone who knowingly and arrogantly , has the audacity to call themselves “Catholic” who blatantly defends what is so filthy and evil in God’s eyes and in HIs Word and in His Church and Her teachings. We must call out these diabolical enemies of the Church for what they are, and stop smiling “nicely” at them, as they go about with every intent to carry out their systematic plan to destroy what God deemed to Be His Church in HIS WAY, through HIS SON Jesus Christ and HIS teachings and through the Intercession Of His Mother and the Magisterium as He Said and that ALL Matters concerning Faith and Morals were NOT to be altered even ONE IOTA from what JESUS taught and THAT IS IT. PERIOD!!!!. No need for discussion, idle talk, or Heaven help us empty “dialoguing” or the like. It has already been said. Study the Faith and The Catechism, hopefully the old Baltimore one, from before Vatican 11 and read the lives of the Saints, the old Saints, as well, and get educated about what Jesus said a long time ago, and how He aka TRUTH (THAT MEANS IN EVERYTHING)IS the SAME Yesterday, Today and Forever
    Some satanic-led perverted twisting by some evildoers is as usual trying to destroy
    real Catholic Truth concerning the need of purity regarding our sexual conduct in all matters that pertain to our sexuality and of our bodies, minds and hearts about , what is obedient, and thus,pleasing to God… and then, and only then ,to one another (BECAUSE, IF we are obedient to what Jesus says about our sexaulity, and what is beautiful for human beings in really loving one another in all ways ,and in the context of our sexual beings given to one another in True Sacramental marriage of one man and one woman, then we will partake in such a Sacred union for purposes of procreation if at all possible, (meaning that should always be the real end reason for marriage, between a man and a woman (God is aware that for whatever health reason and, certain other reasons unavoidable to the couple, unfortunately children have not always been able to be born, to said couple or be a part of their union, but the desire for procreation for the birth of children and raising of families,should always be the real sole reason for the marriage in true Conjugal pure love that is faithful to what God teaches as well as faithfulness to one another for life and until death do them apart. with no man putting asunder such Sacred Union, (that includes any person) attempting to divide in any way what God has joined together.

    This is Advent and no satanic perversion of what God says is going to stop me from praising the Coming of Our Lord and Saviour in HIs first coming as the Baby Jesus the Season of Advent and the real reason for the season. I will not allow hateful people whether they
    be the ones who are beheading and slaughtering innocent Jews,Catholics and Christians, and even their own, in their own places,and all over the world now and laughing about how they love to lie, or… the equally diabolic ones who in in heart and conduct, in a different way,choose to be impure in all ways sexual, defile of the bodies God gave us , for the sole intent that we Glorify HIm (by making said bodies pure temples for HIs Holy Spirit to reside in and to then move us in all matters of obedience and love and HIs Ways to Honor God and His Will.) ruin today the beginning of Advent , or my relationship with Jesus and Mary. They are led by none other then satan himself, and the sooner people wake up to this fact and stop this “dialoguing “with the devil and his minions and those who do his bidding, and start doing what Jesus taught us to do when confronted with lies and evil (and it is growing in the dark, and showing itself even now in broad daylight in its diabolical way that is always the end result of evil pride when it is has been given ground to lay its roots, (and plenty of ground was given if not downright handed over to evildoers a long time ago, in high places and , of course predictably,now is has spread , and continues to spread because the solution to call and expose it, and put it in its rightful place , by means of the power and Authority given to all God’s Faithful …(if they are obedient to what He says )once and for all, was not taught and applied by those who had the Authority to do so and even by the millions who just stood by and continue to be silent while the evil surrounds us, attempting to suffocate , and crush our faith and trust in the Only One Who is The Answer to it all-My Lord My God I thank You and Adore ONLY You.
    Thank You also Blessed Lady and Mother and Queen Mary, too beautiful for word alone, Thank YOU also St. Joseph, St. Michael and All the Angels and Saints, especially my Guardian Angel, for Life

  4. These Secular Bishops both so-called Catholic, and The Protestant Cults,are the same kind that incited the mob to murder Saint Stephen.The Authorities did nothing to these bloodthirsty killers who couldn’t stand to hear the historical facts.Before Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity from Paganism about the year 307,Christians were murdered and abused for sport.The High Priests of evil gods, and Pagan Worldviews sanctioned the kind of behavior that so-called “neutral”Western Democratic Secular Pagan Government,Law,Education,Church and the majority of so-called “neutral” Secular Canada and Western Civilization sanctions today,starting with the indoctrination of schoolchildren,by adult secular school teachers,and homosexual etc.,activists. Only a evil to the core democratic majority politically,and legally indoctrinates it’s society in the so-called “neutral”tenets of Democratic Secular Paganism,starting with Kindergarteners.The Catholic Royal Priesthood of the kind that converted Pagan Rome to Christianity,today cannot make themselves known to the Secular public,or authorities for fear of persecution. Secular Paganism or any evil worldview cannot coexist with Christianity. It is natural for them to hate the Christian View in Government,Law and Education.The Masquerading Bishops and their disciples are The Nicolaitans.Very much is known about this group as they have moved into the majority.There is little difference between them and Religious Seculars,because they both hate The Christian Worldview.I say to them,”Stop Perverting The Kids!”

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