Orthodox Coming Out Swinging

TORONTO, Ontario, May 15, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Leaders of Ontario’s 250,000 Orthodox Christians took aim at bullying in the province’s schools on Monday – starting with the government’s proposed Bill 13, the Accepting School Act. A clergy delegation appeared as witnesses before the Standing Committee on Social Policy at Queen’s Park, charging that the government’s anti-bullying legislation virtually ignores most bullying victims in schools, while at the same time targeting traditional religious groups for censure. “Statistics Canada data on bullying and violence indicates that bullying against religious groups is more than twice as common as bullying against self-identified gays and lesbians,” noted Father Geoffrey Korz, Orthodox Dean of Ontario and chief presented to the Queen’s Park committee. He was joined by Father William Makarenko, former Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, and supported by Father John Koulouras of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto, and Father Alexei Vassiouchkine of the Russian Orthodox Church.We must ask, why does Bill 13 make repeated, special mention of LGBT anti-bullying initiatives, when such incidents represent only a fraction of the reality of bullying in Ontario schools?”…(Source)

This is the kind of direct questions that we need more of from our Clergy.  Good on the Orthodox for asking the hard questions.   It’s time to push back.  And the politicians really do need to understand that imposing Gaydom on our children will have political repercussions.  Only when we start taking ourselves seriously will the politicians start to pay attention.

It’s time for Christians to stop being the doormat of Dalton McGuinty.


One thought on “Orthodox Coming Out Swinging

  1. The biggest problem we have had for years is parent apathy. We can’t expect our clergy to fight these battles without a show of support.

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