Oral Sex and Throat Cancer: It’s not meant to go there.

With 6,000 cases per year and an annual increase of up to ten per cent in men younger than 60, some researchers say the HPV-linked throat cancers could overtake cervical cancer in the next decade.

No-one understands the reason for the increase in throat cancer, but experts believe it is linked to changes in sexual practises that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s during the Baby Boomers generation.

For example, oral sex is a known risk factor for HPV-related throat cancers, and studies have shown that people who have come of age since the 1950s are more likely to have engaged in oral sex than those who were born earlier.

“Those people were in their teens during the sexual revolution, so they may be leading the wave,” said Dr Maura Gillison, a professor of oncology and epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Centre, Baltimore….(Source)

If the sexocrats in our culture ever become somewhat coherent and honest with themselves, they might get around to admitting that engaging in immoral sexual practices has some pretty heavy consequences.  The Pill, Abortion, Vascetomies, Etc.  The only question is how long will society have to wait until the lawsuits bring down the big money sex industries like the Pharmaceutical companies and Planned Parenthood for obfuscating and distorting the evidence.  The battle over the science of it all is as much a political battle as anything else.

In the interim, lots of people have to suffer and die so that Moloch may live another day.

Click on the link above to read the entire article. Get a load of the picture which shows what throat cancer looks like. 

That’s what sexual sin looks like…in the flesh.


5 thoughts on “Oral Sex and Throat Cancer: It’s not meant to go there.

  1. Our public schools and universities so-called sex education is rejecting our moral traditions.

    As might be expected in our Darwinian humanist education establishments, premarital sex is routinely promoted, with efforts made to reduce guilt, inhibitions, moral imperatives and prior teachings. Abstinence is mocked and made to look hopelessly out of date and laughed at.
    The text-book,”Boys and Sex” by Wardell B.Pomeroy, basically provides a how to description for male sexual conquest. A lengthy paragraph is provided describing fondling and sucking of breasts, touching of genitals, placing the mouth on the girl’s vagina, putting the pennis in the girl’s mouth, etc. Then Pomeroy writes, ” Some girls may draw the line at one point or another in the progression I’ve described, but most people engage in all of this behavior before marriage.” Finally he states,” Consequently, petting is fun for both boys and girls.”

    In the companion text-book,” Girls and Sex,” Pomeroy lists,” reasons why a girl might think favorably of having intercourse for the first time.” What follows is a cleverly written rationale for going all the way. It is addressed exclusively to young girls and points out how much fun sex is, how helpful premarital intercourse is in preparing for marriage, “there are many girls who regret after marriage that they didn’t have premarital intercourse and how much faster one learns when one is young.” These and similar textbooks are published by Delacorte Press, a division of Bantam Books, and are widely used in schools. Desensitization techniques are used to make the subject of sex more familiar and commonplace. Concern over homosexuality and lesbianism is presented as a myth and fallacy. These perversions are typically held up as valid alternative lifestyles. Pomeroy’s text-book, Girls and Sex, actually encourages girls who sleep at a female friend’s house to stimulate each other to orgasm. “Everyone has homosexual tendencies in one degee or another,” he says.

    Marriage receives a consistent subtle, drubbing. Various alternatives, from living together to communal and group marriages, are offered as options for consideration. The authors go to great lengths to show that there is no good or bad behavior nothing really right or wrong.
    This point is made emphatically. Everything is relevant. What’s good for you is what counts.

    But you can be sure that the dangers of early sexual behavior are never presented making it difficult for kids to understand the true implications of sex outside of marriage.

    Sex-education material of this nature is designed to subvert the minds of vulnerable kids. The evolving society and living tree interpretation of law and science and humanistic atheism is institutionalized into our society via our education establishments text-books.

  2. First off, the link is tenuous and unproven, but that doesn’t stop some prudish theocon cretin from babbling about Moloch. What are your plans , Fascisto Catolico, cut the units and tongues off of the evildoers who do oral sex?

  3. Oral sex is proven to spread STDs and some of them can kill you such as HIV/AIDs etc. Our so-called sex education establishments are spreading lies and children suffer more than emotional scars. These kids are getting burned and the result of it all is broken hearts, broken relationships, a sense of vulnerability, frustration and deptecssion.

  4. I am conservative on most issues but I have to disagree with you on this.
    There is no scientific evidence that links oral sex to rise in throat cancers, these are unproven hypothesis AT BEST, wild guessed based on loose correlation at worst.

    Equating correlation with scientific conclusion is something you learn NOT to do in the first days of high school science. Al Gore is an example of somebody who made an absolute fool of himself for committing this scientific sin… i.e. just because 2 elements rise at the same time (CO2, temperature), at a similar rate DOES NOT mean that 1 necessarily caused the other, it could very well be a 3rd unknown factor that is causing the rise of the other 2.

    As for Garry Sahl’s comments on HIV/AIDS, that’s just preposterous.
    There is no signifigant risk of getting HIV/AIDS from Oral sex, stating such is contrary to both the science and the statistics which support it.

    There is nothing immoral about oral sex between 2 mature, unpressured, consenting adults. The beauty of free society is that as adults, we are free to do in our bedrooms, that which we please. As an adult I have the right to do as I please so long as I do not infringe upon other’s rights to do the same.


  5. This is what I believe with my whole heart…and I have reason to believe this because if I had not practiced safe sex during the primary sexual revolutionary years…I would not be alive today. As a 20-something attractive sexually amorous blonde, I’ve had more than my share of sex. I’m not proud of it, but at that time in my life I was not concerned with controlling my sexually raging hormones…I was more interested in having fun and enjoying my desirability. I was very sexually orally active. But the first time,semen gave me diarrhea…I stopped swallowing and made sure I cleansed my mouth thoroughly before and after oral sex. Anytime I broke the rule and swallowed…the diarrhea came back. When AIDS was named and exposed in the mid 80’s…I was 32 and decided to clean up my act completely…met a man with whom I fell in love, got married, was only sexually active with my partner for 6 years when I got pregnant and had my daughter at the age of 38. She’s almost 15 now, I was married 22 years. Other than the occasional allergies, I am a fairly healthy 53 year old woman. I can still get any man of my choice…no matter what the age. But my sexual desirability is no longer the issue at this stage of my life. Staying monogamus with the man I love is. I firmly believe I’m alive to this day because I listened to my body signaling me to use my common sense and take care of it.

    (AIDS) is exactly that, people…”ACQUIRED” immune deficiancy syndrome…primarily brought about on oneself by unsafe and unclean sexual practices. I don’t think doctors emphasize the “ACQUIRED” aspect of AIDS enough. Sure there are other ways of spreading it, such as passing the virus from one to another…but it came from SOMEWHERE. It has to have a beginning. Please use your common sense. If you have ever read your Bible…then you will know…in the Bible it says, “whores and whoremongers will surely die”. It also talks of immoral sex acts. I am not a RELIGIOUS Churchgoer…but I do believe in GOD…God is LOVE. LOVE your bodies…love yourself. Our bodies are not invincible. Multiple stds, diseases, overuse of antibiotics can cause immunity breakdowns…and can eventually kill you. Before AIDS…as in my sexually active generation…a little sex was just extra curricular activity…now we know…as a result of innumerous studies and examples of unsafe sexual practices and so many people dying of aids and cancer related deaths…a little sex can KILL YOU. And it won’t be as swift as a bullet or getting hit by a car…NO, MY Friends…it’s a long and agonizing death. Please use your common sense. Try to limit your sexual partners and always have safe sex when you practice. Clean personal hygeine is next to Godliness. God is in you. God is Love and there is no greater power than Love. You’ll find a lot of wisdom in the Bible…and if you won’t pick one up…type into your browzer asking for answers about what the Bible says about sex…and unsafe sexual practices. Don’t take it from me…look it up yourself. Read about Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible is the oldest book known to man…just use it as a reference book…and think about it. Aids is an ancient virus…it’s been around for a long time…hiding dormant until the sexual revolution of the 60’s and 70’s.

    That’s all I’m going to say about the Bible…just please…please listen to your body. Sickness and venereal diseases are your body’s way of telling you, you are not doing SOMETHING right. Take care of yourself…no one else loves you more than you…yourself. In closing I would like to wish each and everyone of you all the happiness, good health, and true love you deserve.



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