Open your Mouths for the Mute

Received this from an Evangelical friend of mine who is promoting the March for Life in her community….

King David said to God, “You formed my inward parts, you knitted me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:10) showing God’s part in the creation of human beings. The word of the Lord came to Jeremiah, (Jeremiah 1:5) saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you,” again, showing God’s part in a person’s existence.

And yet, each year in Canada approximately 100,000 unborn babies are being killed.

God also tells His people to “Open your mouths for the mute” (Prov. 31:8).

We have an opportunity on May 14 to go to Parliament Hill to participate in a peaceful demonstration and then to walk through the streets of Ottawa on behalf of those unborn who are being slaughtered.

Jesus, in calling us to be salt and light, calls us to influence our society for good.

This March for Life is not about condemning people who have had abortions, many of whom are in our churches, are our friends, neighbours, or daughters or ourselves. These people need our compassion and the forgiveness and healing that Jesus offers them.

But this is a call to stop killing the unborn. Mothers who don’t want the babies growing inside them need to be helped, but the solution is not to kill the child.

God tells His people to “Open your mouths for the mute”. (Prov. 31:8)

Are you willing to sacrifice a few hours of your time, perhaps even taking time off work, to speak for these little ones, created in the womb by our heavenly Father, that they might be allowed to live?

The National March for Life takes place at noon on Parliament Hill. There is an introduction of pro-life dignitaries and some speeches. Then there is the March through downtown.

Each year, thousands gather on Parliament Hill to speak for the unborn – it is the largest annual demonstration on the Hill. And yet, the media virtually ignores it. Let us make it too big to ignore!

I hope to see you there.

One thought on “Open your Mouths for the Mute

  1. Proverbs 24:11-12
    Deliver those who are being taken away to death,
    And those who are staggering to slaughter, Oh hold them back.
    If you say, “See, we did not know this,”
    Does He not consider it who weighs the hearts?
    And does He not know it who keeps your soul?
    And will He not render to man according to his work?

    Leviticus 19:16
    ‘You shall not go about as a slanderer among your people, and you are not to act against the life of your neighbor; I am the LORD.

    Joel 3:19
    Egypt will become a waste, And Edom will become a desolate wilderness, Because of the violence done to the sons of Judah, In whose land they have shed innocent blood.

    Jeremiah 22:3
    Thus says the LORD, “Do justice and righteousness, and deliver the one who has been robbed from the power of his oppressor. Also do not mistreat or do violence to the stranger, the orphan, or the widow; and do not shed innocent blood in this place.

    Deuteronomy 19:10
    So innocent blood will not be shed in the midst of your land which the LORD your God gives you as an inheritance, and bloodguiltiness be on you.

    Deuteronomy 19:13
    You shall not pity him, but you shall purge the blood of the innocent from Israel, that it may go well with you

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