Open the Doors and Let Freedom In!

You know when my wife gets involved, it’s just GOT TO BE important.

If she can write a letter with four little ones to manage all day, you can sure as hell find the time too!

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
160 Elgin Street, 11th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 1J4
Tel: (613) 995-1707

Attention: Ghislaine Cyr – Registry OfficerRe: Warman v Lemire (T1073/5405)Dear Ms. Cyr,I am writing in regards to the Warman vs. Lemire tribunal hearing that is scheduled for March 25, 2008.

This case has become very well known in Canada through the Internet. It has the potential to directly impact freedom of speech on thousands of Canadian websites and blogs. Therefore, I am asking that this tribunal hearing be open to the public.

I was born in Malawi, Africa. As a child I moved all over the world with my family due to my father’s career. Often we lived in countries with limited freedoms. When I was a teenager, my parents chose to emigrate to Canada because they admired its many freedoms. I sincerely hope that as a proud Canadian I can continue to live in a free and open society.

Out of respect for our democratic freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal should allow the Canadian media and public observers to attend the Warman vs. Lemire tribunal hearing.

I thank you for your consideration in this important matter.



Here’s my letter……………. 


Social Conservatives United

March 13, 2008

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
160 Elgin Street, 11th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 1J4
Tel: (613) 995-1707
Fax: (613) 995-3484

Attention: Ghislaine Cyr

RE: Registry Officer Re: Warman v Lemire (T1073/5405)


Dear Ms. Cyr,

I am writing in regards to the Warman vs. Lemire tribunal hearing that is scheduled for March 25, 2008.

The current conduct of the various human rights commissions in Canada, especially the Canadian Human Rights Commission, has come into serious question.

The credibility of any government organ is dependant on the ability to sustain transparency and fairness. To lose these qualities is to lose the support of the people and the moral authority to operate.

Over the past several weeks, there have been many serious and credible allegations made against the questionable tactics of the Canadian Human Rights Commissions. Since the controversial complaints and the questionable tactics of the CHRC impact all Canadians and their inalienable rights of free speech which are guaranteed under the Charter of Rights of Freedoms, it would be, in my humble opinion, a grave mistake to hold the above hearing behind closed doors. To do so in the current heated environment would only further damage the reputation of the Commission in a very significant way.

A government tribunal which has the power to levy significant fines and cause extreme hardship to their respondents must demonstrate an impeccable and just procedural mechanism for its operations. These necessary qualities are contingent on complete transparency and openness to the public.

If the Commission’s tactics are above reproach, then it has nothing to fear from the public.

John Pacheco, Director
Social Conservatives United

One thought on “Open the Doors and Let Freedom In!

  1. I wrote to them as well. This is my letter :

    Dear Ms. Cyr,

    I am an immigrant from India who became a Canadian Citizen two years ago.

    I worked in the Middle East for several years before deciding to make Canada my home. One of the prime movers in my decision to migrate to Canada, was that Canada believed strongly in the concept of Free Speech.

    I have been following the various troublesome decisions taken by the CHRC over the last few yearsd and more recently the Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn cases.

    I think it is appalling that in a country like Canada, Free Speech is supressed through institutions like the CHRC and the various Provincial HRC councils.

    While in the Middle East I accepted the complete lack of Freedom of Expression and Free Speech as a symptom of the culture that was in play in those countries. Not in my wildest imagination would I have ever imagined I would be writing to you in defense of these very values that prompted me to come to this great country.

    I earnestly request you to open the Tribunal Hearings in the Warman vs. Lemire case so that not only is justice done, Justice is SEEN TO BE DONE.

    With Kind Regards,

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