6 thoughts on “Open Season on the Faith

  1. Things are not all bad, gentlemen! Ireland has finally apologized for the Magdalene laundry scandal. God bless the nuns, eh?

  2. “A suggestion: Stop getting your information on current affairs from The Colbert Report”

    I assume this is from TV…don’t watch. However, I do read. No where in my comment did I mention sexual abuse. No…where. You being Catholic, just assumed another person was accusing you. No. What the church was being accused of was using slave labour. From the McAleese report:

    “The report, headed by Senator Martin McAleese, found that the Irish State was complicit in sending girls and women to the laundries where they received no pay. However, the McAleese report did not cover Magdalene Laundries run in Northern Ireland up until the 1980s”

    • The Magdalene Laundries, through lies and distortions, was mainly accused and popularized for alleged sexual/physical abuse.

      Your comment made no reference to the McAleese Report. Your declarative comment, generalized, unspecific, is open-ended and therefore allows for whatever inference or innuendo or interpretation.

      Now that you’ve been caught with your pants down, you rush to look for an escape hatch, go and get a quote from the Guardian (well known for it’s Catholic bashing), and minimize everything to “no pay”, an injustice hardly as malevolent as sexual/physical abuse.

  3. Up until you mentioned it, I never knew that the Magdalenes were accused of sexual impropriety. I always thought it was just the slave labour thing. Thank you for clearing it up for me.

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