2 thoughts on “Open Heretics

  1. Thank God for defenders of Catholic Truth like Michael Voris. I find as a pew-sitting Catholic, when one hears heretical views by such ‘learned’ theologians as the ones on that panel, you know instinctively what they are wrong, but you don’t have the ammunition (such as papal decrees, etc) debunking these heresies. That’s why many ordinary faithful Catholics feel at a loss to defend the faith, in my opinion. In today’s busy life, not everyone has the time and resources to get informed and armed in this way. So what I do is pray, pray for the conversion of dissident clergy, etc. It seems that’s the least I can do.

  2. We live in a Pagan so-called “neutral” Democratic Secular CANADA and Western Civilization in Government,Law and Education.This was decided by Prominent Western Secular Pagans in the early 1960’s. Secular pagan so-called”neutral”Western democracies,such as CANADA now politically is, cannot permit Christianity to influence Law,Government and Education.Secular Paganism which dishonestly calls itself “neutral”has become the chosen Canadian and Western State Sanctioned Worldview/religion. The majority of CANADIAN and Western voters,especially the so-called Christian Clergy,and pew potato’s buy into this so-called “neutral”Secular political diabolical program.They believe anyone who claims to be Christian Clergy,without taking Saint Paul’s advice of searching the scriptures to make sure they are teaching rightly.When The majority of so-called Catholic, and Protestant Clergy preach praising the Secular/Christian divide in Government,Law and Education in Western Civilization,they are preaching the diabolical.Children are being indoctrinated in Canadian,and Western schools in the tenets of so-called “neutral” Secular morality by adult school teachers,and homosexual etc., activists,starting with Kindergarteners.The Rockefeller Foundation also funded Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey and his so-called Sex Education that is mainstream in Western Civilization.

    Mien Kampf and The Quran are two very disturbing so-called holy books,both desire global dominance for it’s believers.The attributes of their gods are the same. Study The Articles Of THE NATIONAL REICH CHURCH OF GERMANY,AND HOW THE QURAN TEACHES IT’S BELIEVERS TO DEAL WITH THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN ALLAH. Why, are Canadian and Western Secular Judges ruling against Christian, and Jewish Canadian citizens who state the obvious? Secular Paganism is not “neutral” as it claims to be, but is persecuting Christians and Jews as so-called neutral Pagan Roman did in government,law and education before converting to Christianity about the year 307.Today,the same Pagan morality is taught in Secular Canada,and Western Civilization to school children by adults,as so-called human rights that was sanctioned by Pagan Greece and Pagan Rome.

    Politics is overwhelmingly important in Civilizations for getting righteous laws passed.Who became The Governor of Jerusalem to built it’s Walls? A Secularized so-called Christianity is Paganism.

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