3 thoughts on “Ontario’s anti-bullying bill resorts to bullying

  1. Between 2005 to 2008 Concerned Parents and Citizens Of Canada from all faiths and agnostics united Politically, and forced by Humiliation, The Canadian Parliament to Pass a Bill into Canadian Law in 2008 raising the age of Sex Consent in Canada. This ended rotten Parliamentary Legislation, and Supreme Court Of Canada law of 2005 that made Canada a legal sex trafficking playground for pedophiles, and every kind of sexual predator, by human right and social justice.

    We published the names and Political Party Policies of the Politicians, and also The Supreme Court Of Canada Justices who were responsible for legalizing this morbidity. We then asked Canadian citizens if they wanted a Canada who’s Politicians and Supreme Court Justices made laws that prospered evil?
    Our own Professor Tom Landers, Hilda Krieg and friends were very active making this happen, and our children were watching. Tom Landers was my best friend, and as we researched on how to communicate with Canadians across our country to the evil that was prospering by establishment, our children were watching us do this.

    This is democracy in action. The Canadian Citizens own it and are responsible to keep politicians, judges and Education Establishments accountable to the ones who pay them. Of all the Social Engines the school is the most efficacious. Without the proper moral instruction civilized man is turned back almost into a savage.

  2. God gives us volition to choose Christ, Barabbas or ourselves, and then live with the consequences. Dalton’s Liberals have made their choice and expect no mercy from Our God.

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