Ontario Education Minister: Catholic schools can’t teach abortion is wrong – that’s ‘misogyny’

 In what pro-life leaders are calling a stunning and unprecedented attack on religious freedom, Ontario’s Education Minister has apparently declared that Catholic schools can no longer teach that abortion is wrong.  Laurel Broten, who serves under Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty, said Wednesday that Catholic schools are barred from teaching this core moral belief because Bill 13, the government’s controversial “anti-bullying” law, prohibits “misogyny.”…(Source)

See? When there’s no push-back, then the feminists run rough-shod over you.  You get what you tolerate, what you vote for, and what you pay for.

Understand this clearly:  the amount of totalitarianism and wickedness in a culture is directly correlated to the health of the Church and the Church’s leadership.  And that, in turn, is dependent on a people’s Faith.

There is no mistake or coincidence to this. Please, don’t look so shocked.  There is nothing to be shocked about.

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