Ontario bishops publicly abdicate education responsibilities under Canon Law

Every day sees the bishops drift further away from Catholicism. But we’ve seldom seen anything quite like this.

As John explained in a recent post, both the diocese of Hamilton and the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops have tried to outdo each other in limp-wristedness with regards to the advancement of homosexualism in the Halton Catholic District School Board. The fact that the bishops are letting the wolves ravage the flock is nothing new (John 10:12-13). But what is shocking this time around is the efforts the bishops have made to publicly deny any responsibility for the Catholicity of the schools.

Take a look at these astounding quotes from the bishops about the problem in Halton:

“an issue entirely for the school board”

“It’s not a question of the bishop making a decision for a publicly-funded board”

“they should be making the decision themselves and standing by it”

“The bishops don’t dictate to the school boards”

“This office has no jurisdiction over school boards”

In essence, the bishops are conceding that:

a) They have no control over the school board

b) Regardless of what the school board does, even if it abandons Catholic moral teaching (as it is currently doing), the bishops will not intervene to stop it. They’ll sit on their hands.

The bishops are publicly conceding that they’ve decided to abdicate their duty under Canon Law to provide Catholic education for their flock.

It’s absolutely staggering.

Every bishop is obliged to ensure that Catholic education is available in his diocese. Until now, the Ontario bishops have been able to use the Catholic school boards as evidence that they’re fulfilling this obligation. But now they’re admitting that this was just a charade because they don’t have any more influence over these school boards than they do over a Masonic temple or a Muslim mosque. Nor do they have any intention to fight to gain such an influence. The school boards are free to drift away from the Catholic Church and the bishops will be content to stand aside and wave them goodbye.

Ontario bishop making education policy

The bishops have confessed to a serious crime against Canon Law. We’re talking about the eternal salvation of our children and the future generations of the Church. Such vigorous hand-washing would leave even Pilate jealous.

Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, we can get down to the serious business. Seeing that the bishops have decided not to fight for Jesus within the “Catholic” school boards, their only choice to remain in conformity with Canon Law is to set up new genuinely Catholic schools that will uphold Church teaching.

What do you think are the odds of that happening? Why don’t you raise it with your bishop, especially if you live in the diocese of Hamilton.

By the way, lest any bishop feel a false sense of relief that Halton is not in his diocese, the Halton situation is hardly unique in Ontario or Canada. There are lots of other Halton’s out there. Besides, some of the statements quoted above were made by the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops, which claims to speak on behalf of all bishops in the province. If there is any bishop in Ontario that does not agree with the stance, he needs to speak up immediately to make it clear that those scandalous statements do not reflect his views. So even in a place like Ottawa, where the Catholic school board seems to have remained faithful to Church teaching with respect to homosexual issues, the Archbishop needs to clarify his position relative to the statements made by the Ontario Conference of Bishops, otherwise we’ll have to assume that he agrees with them.

That’s the double-edged sword of bishops delegating their responsibilities to episcopal conferences, your Graces. It cuts both ways. Right now, every bishop in Ontario is in the same scandalous boat unless you publicly distance yourself from those statements and fight for the Catholicity of your schools. Did you really think, your Graces, that the sham unity within the episcopal conference was going to persist forever? Did you not realize that it would eventually come to this? How many casualties have lost their souls in the meantime because of your cowardice?

As a final point, your Graces, this fiasco raises questions about your sincerity — again. Last week, you (the CCCB) issued a good pastoral letter to young people on chastity. At the same time, you’re bailing on the Catholic school system. So when it came time to put nice words on paper regarding chastity, you did a good job. But when it came time to take action in the interests of our children, you failed miserably. All the old clichés apply: Actions speak louder than words; Put your money where your mouth is; Talk is cheap; Walk the talk. Etc, etc, etc.

It makes me wonder if the letter on chastity and the school board debacle are connected. Do the bishops perhaps think they can replace the loss of Catholicity in our schools by issuing pastoral letters to the youth on their website? I sure hope not. I don’t think Canon Law would agree either.

One thought on “Ontario bishops publicly abdicate education responsibilities under Canon Law

  1. The Byzantine Empire was a beacon of Christian Culture throughout the Middle East, across and North Africa, imperial stability enabled a culture of liberty. The legal system was just and efficient compared with Islamic Law. Government was limited and decentralized. Trade was prosperous, families were stable and secure. Perversion and corruption suppressed while personal liberty and civil rights enhanced. Caliph Umar lead the destruction of the Byzantine Empire and enslavement of Syria, Egypt, and in February 638, Jerusalem. Before his death in 644, he conquered Iraq, controlled the Southern Mediterranean coast and put Christianity on the defensive everywhere. It was Charles Martel who brought the first Islamic expansion to an end in 733.
    The loss of Christian Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Southern Mediterranean sent alarms of fear throughout Western Civilization. Pope Urban the 2nd in 1095 sent out a degree to the Catholic Kings to stop warring against each other. Muslims controlled Spain, the tip of Italy and were 90 miles from Paris. he listed the details of atrocities of the Muslims, destruction of Church buildings, rape, enslavement, torture, Islamic Law and occupation of Europe. From Jerusalem to Constantinople horrible tales have come. In 1096 the Crusades began in earnest to save European and Arab Cristian Government. Today our Canadian Bishops are perverting the Catholic faith.

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