McGuinty corners Ontario bishops on gay promotion in Catholic schools

Some people had hoped that the government-mandated gay clubs in Catholic schools could be used to evangelize gay students about Church teaching on homosexuality. The government has now blocked that option. Listen to this:

TORONTO, Ontario, April 8, 2011 ( – Ontario Catholic schools will not be permitted to use the support groups that are being mandated under the government’s controversial equity and inclusive education strategy to counsel homosexual students to “reform their sexuality.” The government revealed the unprecedented challenge to the province’s publicly-funded Catholic education system in comments to LifeSiteNews.

Some Catholics have suggested that the student-led support groups for homosexuals could be used as a means to provide authentic pastoral support based on Catholic Church teaching. But the Ministry of Education told LifeSiteNews that that won’t fly.

“Groups for LGBT students that counsel the students to reform their sexuality or try to stop them from being gay are not considered consistent with the ministry’s equity policy which is to support students,” said Mike Feenstra, press secretary for Minister of Education Leona Dombrowsky. (Source)

This is a major development because it kills some of the wishful thinking out there about the government’s equity and inclusive strategy. The government is leaving the Catholic schools with essentially no wiggle room to continue upholding Catholic teaching on homosexuality. They’re identifying all the loopholes and closing them down.

It’s almost check-mate at this stage.

We keep drifting towards the inevitability that we’ll eventually have to dump the “separate schools” and found private schools. The bishops should start negotiating with the government on the terms of this rupture.

For the love of our children, don’t vote for McGuinty’s Liberals in this fall’s election!!

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