Ontario Bishops And Their False Moral Equivalence

Principles to guide you as you prepare to vote

The Catholic Bishops of Ontario offer the following five main principles upon which to analyze the issues, evaluate public policies and the positions advocated by candidates and their respective parties.

  • Governments must support life. The human dignity of every person, from conception to natural death, must be respected.
  • Governments must balance the rights, obligations and opportunities of various segments of societyby supporting:
      •  Publicly-funded education, including Catholic education
      •  The right of workers to organize
      •  The right to own property, but at the same time recognizing that such a right is not absolute.
  • Governments must demonstrate a commitment to the creation of a more just society by adoptingtangible measures that address and include, among other initiatives:
      • A poverty reduction strategy, inclusive of child poverty
      • Homelessness
      • Unemployment and under-employment
      • Ensuring a basic income that is sufficient for food and housing
      • A health system that supports and accompanies all individuals and especially those with disabilities, the elderly, and the sick
  • Governments must demonstrate stewardship toward the environment through policies which:
      •  Develop natural resources with consideration of the impact on communities and on the natural environment
      •  Promote efficient production of renewable energy
      • Control urban pollution
  • Governments must encourage and facilitate the involvement of its citizens (especially those directly affected), other governments and non-governmental bodies, in the process of political decision-making. (Source)

Here we go again.  This time, it’s the Catholic bishops of Ontario (er…sorry…the Social Affairs Commission of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario) giving sloppy political advice, right before the Oct.6 Ontario provincial election.  I saw this “guide” in my parish bulletin this past Sunday morning. 

It made my day.

You have to wonder just when will this garbage stop.  For the love of God, STOPJust stop it, OK!?!

Are we forever to be consigned to this socialist clap-trap, dressed up in religiousity?  This infernal Starbucks wisdom that passes for real Catholic direction?  Is it a prerequisite today when you work for the Church to be a muddled deep-thinker who churns out milksop directives that mean nothing of eternal value and mean even less about justice on this earth?  Are we to be eternally subject to pop-culture bishops who don’t really live in the culture of death but abide in a deranged socialist Alice-in-Wonderland created for them by their liberal bureaucrats? It’s these same bishops who are always seeking to be relevant and attuned to the latest avante guard cause, and who all but ignore Benedict’s pleas for a reform of “social justice”, but are always hip and in tune with Jack Layton’s thought, and employ NDP players as episcopal mouthpieces?

Dear Lord.  How your Church has fallen into the gutter.

Now many of you might be wondering that perhaps I’m just a bit too harsh. I mean, the bishops did put respect for life at the top of the list, right?  Well, yes that’s true, but here’s the problem with that.  Respect for life is a non-negotiable voting issue.  That’s what the Pope said.  

Here are the serious problems with the Bishops’ Guide:

1.  Respect for Life is not listed as a non-negotiable. All of the other issues are indeed negotiable. There’s many ways to fight poverty and care for the elderly, for instance.  And sometimes protecting the environment is at odds with creating employment. There is a whole myriad of combinations and confrontations among these other issues that make them, more or less, maleable and exchangeable where we trade off one, to an extent, to achieve another.  But the destruction of human life in our society today is not something which can be compromised or traded because it has intrinsic worth.  It is the very basis for our society and must be protected, first and foremost. 

2.  The above presentation ignores the priority of the sanctity of human life and even goes so far as to actually obfuscate it.  According to the above list, the respect for life is one of 5 equally valid voting considerations. Notice that all of the five areas are listed as “must” (i.e. “Governments must….”), conveying the idea that, for instance,  urban pollution or unions are on the same playing field as abortion.  That’s absolutely a false moral equivalence.  No where does this guide explicitly state that all of the other areas of concern are subordinate to killing innocent human life.

3. You should vote NDP!  If you were to take this list seriously, then there’s a very good chance, weighing all of these five “must” issues equally (or even in the same ballpark), you would be voting for the NDP.  Notice the heavy slant on publicly funded education, unions, poverty “reduction” strategies, and the limitation on property rights.  All of these issues are the “bells” of socialist parties.

Let’s examine a few of these examples so we can come to a proper understanding of the problem with this Guide.

Publicly-funded education, including Catholic education – I don’t recall publicly funded education being a Catholic teaching at all.  I recall the Church insisting that the State leave education of Catholics to Catholics, but there’s nothing in our Faith about public funding for Catholic education, not to mention public secular education.  In fact, Catholics should be demanding less public education and more private (parent-controlled) education, considering the sexual confusion and perverse sex education which is about to corrupt our children…paid for with Catholic and non-Catholic dollars.  Why should Catholics invest in such a system, especially considering that the Ontario bishops have thrown Catholics under the bus with their capitulation to the homosexualist lobby?  As usual, the bishops and their lost bureaucracy have got it all BACKWARDS. 

14. If the school is such an important educational instrument, then the individual being educated has the right to choose the system of education – and therefore the type of school – that he or she prefers. (When a person does not yet have the capacity to do this, then the parents, who have the primary rights in the education of their children, have the right to make this choice). From this it clearly follows that, in principle, a State monopoly of education is not permissible, and that only a pluralism of school systems will respect the fundamental right and the freedom of individuals – although the exercise of this right may be conditioned by a multiplicity of factors, according to the social realities of each country. The Church offers the Catholic school as a specific and enriching contribution to this variety of school possibilities. (Source: Lay Catholics in Schools: Witness to Faith)

We should be wrestling control of education away from the public apparatus and putting it into parents’ (private) hands.   Once again, the Catholic bishops are swimming in the cultural swamp instead of heading up stream and being counter-cultural.

The right of workers to organize –  Oh yes.  Here we go.  So, we are to believe that Ontario has a problem with weak unions or prohibitions on unionizing?  Isn’t that the implication of this directive?  My good lord.  One of the reasons we have such an employment problem here in Ontario is not because of weak unions, but because of incredibly powerful ones.  And yet, if you were to believe the emphasis put on this directive, you’d think this was Poland in the 1980s and the unions represented Solidarity.  The stark reality about the unions, however, is that they represent the most anti-Catholic and anti-family organizations in the Western world.  And the most vicious ones are the “Catholic” ones too who look after their own selfish interests.  When was the last time anyone heard a Catholic Bishops’ committee talk about a businessman’s right to earn a decent profit for the risk and work he puts into a venture?  Never.  This is such a non-issue during this campaign, or any campaign for the past 50 years in this province.  It is nothing less than obsence to put this issue on an equal playing field to the publicly funded genocide of abortion in this province or the total corruption of our children’s innocence.

Poverty Reduction Strategy – Of course this sounds great, but the reality is that these initiatives are started by socialists and their idea of “poverty reduction” is a massive increase in the welfare state.  It’s the same kind of initiative which was discovered in the U.S.  It’s all about increasing Leftist, pro-abortion, pro-secular humanist ideas in the public square.  In these strategies, there is NEVER an honest admission of the facts of where the root of poverty comes from.  But the truth of the genesis of poverty in the West will never be conceded, because to concede the truth is to admit the moral culpability on personal decisions.  And that’s verbotten in these contemporary poverty reduction strategies which ALWAYS (without exception) mean government extortion from healthy families to pay for the wreckage and carnage of the culture of divorce, drugs, and death.  As soon as a Leftist yells “poverty reduction” these days, the Catholic bishops flip on the guilt complex, encourage us to vote for such “strategies”, and direct money to their cause, without the slightest discernment about who is behind it and what their true motives and intentions are.

3 thoughts on “Ontario Bishops And Their False Moral Equivalence

  1. A huge number of individuals in Canada who are involved in Catholicism and Protestantism, and call themselves Christians, have bought into the Worldview and Religion of Politically Correct Relativism by g
    Government decree and Court enforcement, in Government, Law, Education, Politics as their lifestyle. This includes most of what is called the Clergy and Laity. The New Testament gives us an outline of what kind of people Bishops should be. That does not include believers and promoters of Politically Correct Relativism. The real Christians have a responsibility to Jesus as He tells them in Saint Mathew, ” Many false prophets will arise, and will mislead “many”. And because lawlessness is increased, “most” peoples love will grow cold, but the one who endures to the end shall be saved.” We now live in an enforced anti-God state of mind in Government,Law and through Education that has permeated our society almost everywhere.
    In a former Christian Democracy in Government, Law and Education, the citizens in this Politically Correct Canadian Democracy are still accountable and responsible for the Laws of our Land, by holding their elected officials responsible for rotten Legislation and evil Laws. This includes the ones who call themselves Christians. Who will you support and elect?

  2. Now John, when we united concerned citizens and Social Conservatives across our land to force Parliament to pass a Bill in Parliament to raise the age of sex consent in Canada in 2008 , that ended an evil and rotten loophole in Canadian Law that allowed the legal sexual exploitation of Canadian Children, the majority of our help came from agnostics, who were driven out by false Protestant and Catholic edifices of worship and their false leaders. Good people can’t stand being exploited by false Priests and a Politically Correct Relativism that masquerades as Christianity.
    These young people were organized by Professor Tom Landers and Christian friends who were an example of real Christianity to them.
    When I met visiting Christians from China at Tom Landers home, there was good reason they felt most of the so-called Canadian Church was Politically Correct instead of Christian. This Politically Correct Relativism inside Catholicism, and Protestantism is driving many away and some underground here in Canada. The majority of NDP and Liberal-minded politicians will continue to pass Bills into Canadian Law, according to their Party Policies,if the citizens support and elect them.
    John I hope our people wake up to what many of them are doing.
    Please elect and support Traditional family Values Politicians who pass wholesome Bills into Canadian Law. If more agnostics are obeying the Ten Commandments than false Christians, then that says something about what is passing for Christianity in Canada. Please get involved in this Culture War that is raging all around us for the minds and souls of our people.

  3. When you count the sub-bullets, there are a total of 16 “principles”. You know the old saying: if everything is a priority than nothing is a priority. 16 is way too much. You have to prioritize and rank stuff otherwise you get paralyzed in indecision.

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