Only suffering left

The lay faithful “must know that they can turn to the nuncio when there are issues that have repercussions in the pastoral ministry of bishops,” according to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s promoter of justice.

At a June 18 news conference devoted to an upcoming conference on the clerical abuse scandal, Msgr. Charles Scicluna was asked, “And when the bishops are not good shepherds, what can be done?” He replied:

 On giving bishops parameters for action, the Circular Letter sent by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith represents a very strong sign on the part of the Holy See. When we receive bishops on their “ad limina” visits we realize that there is a widespread awareness of the problem and also of the Pope’s position in this regard. Moreover, each faithful has the right to express his concern about the diocese directly to the Holy See, through the nuncio. My work has made me appreciate very much the activity of the nuncios, who represent to the local community, not only to the governments, the closeness of the Holy Father.

People must know that they can turn to the nuncio when there are issues that have repercussions in the pastoral ministry of bishops, but not to denounce them, but to say: “We have confidence in the ministry of Peter, which the nuncio represents; we have a concern, and we have the duty, not just the right, to present it to Peter.” This possibility also forms part of the education of the ecclesial community. (Source)

While this is great in theory, and I have no doubt in some cases it actually works, what precisely is Rome going to do when entire swaths of the Episcopacy have a real problem with standing up for some basic morality?  After pleas and petitions are sent and nothing happens, there’s nothing left to do but suffer.

2 thoughts on “Only suffering left

  1. Excommunicate them publically, that’s what. Then the mighty powers of Voris, You, Steve G, and Fr. Z will proclaim it on the hilt, and we laity will spread the word and inform the average pewgoer.

  2. Pacheco: Actually, if things still run the way they did in the past, complaints that are sent to the Nuncio are usually sent back the Bishop involved for him to deal with it. If you’ve had no success with a Bishop before going over his head to complain, you’re sure not likely to be in an improved position when he’s appointed to ‘address the complaint’. I’m certain that no priest I know of would ever do such a thing. We would be crucified (metaphorically speaking of course).

    Fr. Tim

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