“One Slight Problem With That, Ms. Blight”

In the following audio clip, you will hear Barbara Kulaszka, Marc Lemire’s lawyer, and Doug Christie, Paul Fromm’s lawyer, hammering away at the farcical  investigative techniques of the CHRC.  Since the CHRC and even the police were posting under anonymous pseudonyms, no one knew who was investigating whom and who they should not be to investigating. No one knew who was a government spy and who wasn’t, or even if one investigator ended up investigating another investigator!

The second part of the clip is even more remarkable.  When Kulaszka asks Steacy why he never disclosed that he was posting on Freedomsite.org, Margot Blight, the Commission’s lawyer, offered one heck of a response:  it was the Commission’s position that such an admission was “protected from disclosure”. Yes, folks, you heard that right.  The Commission now determines what they shall disclose and what they shouldn’t without providing the necessary justification for their actions.  The Tribunal Chairman remarks that there was “one small problem with” Ms. Blight’s remarkable defense; namely,  the normal course of action is to submit reasons for the non-disclosure to the judge!  And yet the judge in this case doesn’t seem to halt the CHRC gravy train and he let’s it slide just the same! 



2 thoughts on ““One Slight Problem With That, Ms. Blight”

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  2. Oh well, par for the course.

    As I recall a statement on Ezra’s blog – our dearest complainer – in the same case suffered 158 instances of memory failure and got away with it.

    Kangeroo/hyena coursts with state controlled and indocrinated “judges” right out of the Stasi era.

    I just love the names as they are so appropriate = Lynch, Blight and Mock hard at it! And then there are all those aliases used.

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