On This Remembrance Day, We Remember…

Canadian War Participation and Casualties *

South Africa War (1899-1902)
Served: approx. 7,000
Killed: 267 

First World War (1914-1918)
Served: approx. 650,000 (incl. Newfoundlanders)
Killed: over 68,000

Second World War (1939-1945)
Served: over one million (incl. Newfoundlanders)
Killed: over 47,000

Korean War (1950-1953)**
Served: 26,791
Killed: 516

Peace Keeping (1947-present)**
Served: over 120,000
Killed:  114

Vietnam (1965-73)***
Served:  over 12,000
Killed: 126

Afghanistan (2002-present)
Served: approx. 25,000
Killed: 158

One thought on “On This Remembrance Day, We Remember…

  1. Were there any Church pronouncements on the justification of the Boer War? It seems to me of the ones listed here the least justified, even though it was fundamental to building our Canadian identity.

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