Fr. Rosica’s “Parallel Church”

Salt + Light has published Fr. Rosica’s interview with the Catholic Channel of SIRIUS Radio on the program Across the Nation. You can read the transcript here.

Since I’ve already reported on and covered some of the more outrageous comments of Fr. Rosica’s interview, it is not necessary to rehash them here again.  (Later tonight in another blog post, I will be exploring some of his other disturbing comments which are related to Development & Peace abortion scandal.)  However, there were other comments which Fr. Rosica made that certainly deserve rebuttal.  Here is the one I wish to focus in on at this time:

The more that we are divided among ourselves, what kind of witness are we giving? And I think that is what this whole thing – my blog, my text – it surfaced deep-seated anger and hostility of people, mistrust of the Church, mistrust of the Church leaders – people wanting to set up a parallel Church, if you will.

No, Father. Your blog posting only roused up the righteous indignation of people who see the plain hypocrisy of a Church hierarchy which says one thing and then does another, and can’t even bring itself to follow its own basic laws and rules which help safeguard the very credibility of the Catholic Church.

If people have a mistrust of the Church and some of its bishops, then the problem is not with the faithful.  People are justifiably upset because a large faction of the Church’s leaders won’t even apply the most basic and clear teachings of the Church in regards to, among other things, worthy reception of Communion or refusing to honour pro-abortion politicians whether that occurs at our Universities or during public funerals.   Then again, your scandalous response to people who seek to uphold these basic principles and laws of the Church reveals more about you than the people you seek to malign and marginalize.

Far from seeking to wrench people away from the Body of Christ, therefore, we are in full accord with our lawful superiors in insisting that its wayward bishops, priests, and laity clearly understand the courage and fidelity asked of them.  Unlike Father Rosica, we are not with those prelates who seek to hide what the Church teaches on these issues.

Just like Kennedy’s funeral, the Obama scandal at Notre Dame touches on the same issue of honouring pro-abortion politicians.  After all, Barack Obama is not all about abortion, is he?  Of course not.  And yet, 83 bishops opposed Notre Dame’s scandalous action of giving him an honourary degree.  Tell us, then, Father Rosica, who should we side with?  83 Catholic Bishops who are a faithful witnesses to the Church or you?

So, dear readers, we must ask ourselves quite plainly, just who, indeed, is seeking to set up “a parallel Church”?  The faithful are merely insisting that the Church’s witness be authenticboth in word and in deed

And unlike our opponents, we don’t give a damn about Yo-Yo Ma and Placido Domingo’s performance at the funeral of the man who played a central role in, among other many, many atrocities, denying Terri Schiavo the right to live.

Support and participation in a public funeral which extols the legacy of such a man is a cowardly act.  It is a liturgical and personal betrayal of the sanctity of human life for the sake of a worldly accommodation and a perverted human respect.

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