On the event not approved by WYD Madrid

If an event is not official, it doesn’t mean that it will not promote the authentic teaching and unity of the Roman Catholic Church, but, there is no guarantee.

Hey, Pedro!  Let me fill you in on a BIG SECRET.  Just because an Event or even a whole organization is “approved” by Church bureaucrats doesn’t mean a hill of beans either, at least as far as “authentic teaching” and true unity goes. Or have all of the fine journalists at Salt + Light forgotten the whole Development & Peace broohahaaha or the Kennedy Funeral fiasco?!?   You cannot get anymore “official” than these examples, and yet have not these scandals – with the full knowledge and support of the OFFICIAL CHURCH – completely debunked your point?  Yes, I think they have.

Sorry…but being “official” has as much chance (or close to it) as being heterodox as the unofficial participants have at being heterodox.

Seriously, how can these people write this stuff with a straight face?

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