On the Attack…

Billboard-Size Abortion Photos to be Shown throughout Canada as Trucks Take the Message to the Streets

A national pro-life group launches the “Reproductive ‘Choice’ Campaign,” re-igniting Canada’s abortion debate

CALGARY, AB, August 8, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – On Wednesday, August 8, the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) is driving home its message—literally. Starting today in Calgary, CCBR will cruise city streets with an 11-meter long box-bodied truck with billboards showing aborted human beings.

“Abortion advocates like to talk about abortion in terms of ‘reproductive freedom’ and ‘a woman’s right to choose,’” said Stephanie Gray, executive director of CCBR. “This language covers up what abortion is, namely, an act of violence that kills a baby. We call this project the ‘Reproductive “Choice” Campaign’ precisely because we want people to see what this ‘choice’ actually looks like.” Statistics Canada reports that there are over 100,000 abortions annually in Canada.

Gray acknowledged that many may not like the images: “We don’t like the images either. But what is more disturbing—born people seeing abortion or unborn people being killed by abortion?”

“Society understands the ability of graphic images to educate and inform on critical issues such as health and justice,” added Gray. “Whether it’s the images of diseased lungs, teeth, and gums on cigarette packages or movies like Schindler’s List and Hotel Rwanda, people accept uncomfortable imagery when they recognize that the images convey an even more uncomfortable truth.” Source


Wait, wait, wait. I know what you are thinking…cause I’m thinking it too.

The poor choicers are gonna say “they’re oughta be a law against this sort of thing.”


I am afraid that we are starting to get serious about this little abortion war. And it’s just going to get nastier and nastier.

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