On Health Care

I think our government mismanaged medical system is a lemon.  I have thought so since the 1970s.  I do not agree with it in principle or in fact.  I remember years ago listening to a man giving a presentation on the glories of OHIP.  He actually traveled the world promoting it to other governments.  It was part of his job. I was taking philosophy at the time and decided to use an argument given to me by my esteemed Aristotelian professor.  I cannot present it in its completeness now but in a nutshell: 

Food, shelter, and health care are basic human needs, this we all agree.  And most of us would agree that it is an obligation of society to ensure that these basic needs are adequately provided for for all its members insofar as it is possible.  (I would add: That no one goes without food or shelter through no fault of their own.) Now in the case of shelter I do not think any of us would want to see someone living on the street for lack of means to adequately house themselves.  We would see it as a common obligation to ensure that such a person be given the opportunity to be properly housed, at least with basic accomodations.   But I do not think any of us would hold that in order to be fair to this person all persons should be required to live in exactly the same type of basic accomodations as this person.   Those who have greater means, or are willing to save and sacrifice more to buy themselves better accomodations, should be allowed to do so.  The same holds true for food.   While we would not want to see anyone starving and would consider it a common obligation to ensure the destitute are fed, we would not hold that all should eat only what the destitute eat.  If someone has the means to eat more or better food than the destitute then most of us would consider it within his right to do so.  So, while we should do our best to ensure all receive adequate food and shelter we would not hold that all should receive only adequate or the same food and shelter.  Those who have greater means – or may simply be willing to save and sacrifice more for it – should not be denied opportunity to acquire better food or housing.  Why not the same thing with medical care?  We would not want to see anyone denied basic medical care.  But does that mean everyone should be allowed only the same medical care?  If someone has greater means, or is willing to save or sacrifice more in order to purchase for themselves better medical care, should they not be able to do so?  Yet our current medical system (OHIP) does not permit this (except with things like dental treatment).  Is it not just that a person can use what is his own for his own benefit? 

… The presenter stared at me like a deer in the headlights.  He gave no answer.

I get so tired of media personalities and people you meet talking about how many Americans are without medical insurance.  I ask, does that mean they receive no medical care?  Where are the news stories about the millions dying in the streets from lack of medical care?  The poor receive medical care for free (courtesy of the taxpayer).  It is the middle class who often suffer – carrying much of the burden of the poor and having to pay high insurance rates for themselves.  Some choose not to be insured and either hope for the best health-wise, or save money for a rainy day.  That is their choice.  But a major problem with the American system is that when these uninsured middle class go to the hospital they are charged an exaggerated rate for their treatment (the “full rate”) while insurance companies and Medicare pay a much reduced rate for their clients to receive the same treatment.  That is a serious flaw. 

– Fr. Elijah       

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  1. The beginning of the serious flaw by our govrenment was to let the supreme court take The Ten Commandments, the bible and prayer out of our schools and courthouses. Under the guise of separation of church and state they have separated Christianity from our culture through our schools and universities. The courthouses only play lip-service to the bible now, but live according to the Darwinian Humanist life philosophy socially engineered into our society by our schools and universities with their own creation story they use to live all of life by. Now our entire culture is based on the Darwinian Humanist ethic. Canada is no longer the same as when the Christian God ruled most of its minds. The concept of the Christian God is socially engineered out of our culture even our own people do not know the difference between christianity and the kingdom of the cults in print or on the public media. The Western Culture has returned to paganism. How long are we going to remain silent and pretend this has not happened to our culture through the Academy and thus our Courts? They have destoyed an entire culture and this effects everyone and everything. My Grandfather told me that we are free and now can vote in Canada as equals because of Genesis 1:27 ” God created man in his own image, male and female he created them.” Study Darwin’s book,” THE DESCENT OF MAN,” and you will know what was in the worlds science books about higher and lower races and why most of the Western World was racist. After all this is science. If it isn’t Darwinian the Darwinian Humanist Academy says it isn’t science. But that is a lie that has harmed many families as well as mine from it’s beginning.

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