On a New “Norm” of Morality

…Yet, I venture to say the overturning of classical morality that we are witnessing in our time with ever increasing force and speed has been largely made possible by the elevation of compassion, sincerity, and sensitivity to the rank of moral absolutes. They have taken the place of what it is we should be compassionate, sincere, and sensitive about. Today, we are used to people who kill their babies in the womb, or advocate it, or make it legally possible and what not. Yet, these same people are indignant when someone identifies just what it is that they have done or cooperated in or made possible. We are robbed of the language in which truth and accuracy is contained. We assign babies to single-sex couples because the “couples,” not the child, “need” them. The child needs a mother and a father. We kill the elderly or encourage them to kill themselves to lessen their suffering as if suffering or caring for them has no purpose. We want to be compassionate. We want to “feel” with the one who “suffers.” With such feelings, we are led to do terrible things and insist on calling them good.”

Good eats, over here.

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