One thought on “On A Mission from God

  1. I am acquainted with this particular Sister of Our Lady Immaculate. She is about to make her final profession. I am overjoyed to have seen her progress through all the stages of formation in religious life. Catholics, it is equally important for you to support vocations to the consecrated life, in addition to encouraging potential seminarians. Consecrated life goes back to the apostolic age, as the daughters of the apostle, St. Philip were consecrated virgins.
    Not all men called by God to radical discipleship through celibacy are called to priesthood; some are called to be religious Brothers, or hermits, or members of secular institutes.
    Women called to radical discipleship may be called to be consecrated virgins living in the world, or to apostolic or cloistered contemplative life, or to life in a secular institute, or as hermits. Please, in the upcoming year of consecrated life, educate yourselves about the nature and purpose of this gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church.
    Oh, and go to this fantastic Catholic conference, which captures the best of both the old and the new.

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