The people who showed up for the CHRT hearing to listen to Dean Steacy’s testimony knew about “jadewarr”. We were expecting to hear Steacy admit he was the poster behind this handle and answer some other questions.

When Barbara Kulaszka asked Steacy about any other accounts that he might have, the whole room was shocked to hear that the sly old warrior had another handle on Stormfront too. (Listen closely as everyone’s ears perk up to get the right spelling of the handle. It was rather humorous.)

At the 2:31-2:35 mark, Steacy says that the account had been setup BEFORE he went on leave (which would have been in late 2003 or some time in 2004).  He also admits that his assistant helped him set up the “oldensrevenge” account.  

If the assistant was already helping him setup handles on discussion boards in early 2004 (or late 2003) before he went on leave, then how could Steacy setup “jadewar” by himself without any help, as he admitted at the 1:40-1:49 marker?


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