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Ontario Improving Human Rights System

McGuinty Government Promoting Equality, Diversity And Tolerance

TORONTO, April 9 /CNW/ – Ontario is providing $14.1 million in new one-time funding to help build a faster, more effective human rights system, which will be launched on June 30, 2008. This new funding is in addition to the $17.6 million already allocated to the human rights system for 2008-09. The new funding is building a faster, more effective system through:

– Special teams of human rights professionals to implement an easily navigable system and supports for those who need additional assistance
– A new complaints case management system
– New and upgraded accessible office space
– Preparing for the new system by resolving current cases.

The province’s new human rights system, the first of its kind in Canada, will consist of the Ontario Human Rights Commission (http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en), the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (http://www.hrto.ca/english/) and a new Human Rights Legal Support Centre.

“Ontario has been a national leader on human rights since its creation of the first human rights code in Canada in 1962,” said Attorney General Chris Bentley. “By creating a new, stronger human rights system, we are continuing our national leadership on this issue. The new system will address the underlying causes of discrimination and ensure the speedy resolution of human rights cases.”

“This funding is an important part of ensuring the long term success of Ontario’s new human rights system,” said Michael Gottheil, Chair of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. “It will help us construct new, state-of-the-art, accessible facilities, including human rights hearing and mediation rooms. In addition, by developing a new case management system, we’ll be able to process cases in a timely way, and monitor and report on the performance of the new system.”

“We’re building towards an enhanced new mandate for the Commission, with a focus on proactive systemic work that seeks to address the underlying causes of discrimination,” said Barbara Hall, Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. “These new resources will allow us to begin that exciting change on June 30th.”

Exciting changes!  Hurrah!!!!  More expeditious handling by the kangaroo kourts. Maybe they’ll dispense with the whole system and simply allow the complainant a direct access to the respondent’s bank account.  That sure will be efficient and reflective of what’s going on now — at least in terms of so-called “hate cases”.

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  1. No news nor reform here folks – just jobs for those fired from the CHRC for misconduct or whatever else arises.

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