Official Jews Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

The Jewish community’s human rights organization says it is being unfairly targeted in a discrimination complaint that it can’t possibly defend.

Legal counsel for B’nai Brith Canada said the organization has been dogged by a four-year-old complaint to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission where specifics of the alleged wrongdoing have not been spelled out and the complainant never witnessed the alleged incident.  (Source)

I don’t have an anti-semitic bone in my body. However, I think it is fitting that the liberal Jewish organizations’ leadership, who Ezra Levant terms “the Official Jews”, are getting a taste of their own medicine.  They’ve been at the forefront of creating and defending the HRCs.  Now they can take their own medicine.  Before the HRCs get dumped, I really do hope they experience some of the punishment that the rest of us have been going through.  If you want to perpetuate the cult of victimhood, just remember there’s plenty of that to go around.

One thought on “Official Jews Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

  1. The Instigators of Human Rights Commissions (HRCs)?
    By Stephen J. Gray

    “What a strange place Canada is in 2008,…where fundamentalist Muslims use hate-speech laws drafted by secular Jews,…”
    (Ezra Levant, Globe and Mail, January 21, 2008.)

    Who were the instigators of HRCs that are the cause of the attacks on freedom of speech and freedom of expression in Canada? According to Ezra Levant who has been dragged before the HRCs it was “illiberal elements.” And he went on to say this: ‘…I blame the Jews. A generation ago, illiberal elements in the “official” Jewish community pressed Canadian governments to introduce laws limiting free speech.’ (Globe and Mail, January 21, 2008.)

    Mr Levant went on to say in the Globe and Mail article that the people taking him to the HRCs were, “…using the very precedents set by the Canadian Jewish Congress.”

    Which makes one wonder, why would a powerful organization like “the Canadian Jewish Congress” not realize that the very “laws” that they “pressed Canadian governments to introduce” could also be used against Jewish people. After all, what’s sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander, as the saying goes.

    But, not only Jewish people are being dragged before the HRCs. Before they came for the Jews, the HRCs came for Chris Kempling, Scott Brockie, Knights of Columbus, Stephen Boissoin, Bishop Henry and others. Now Catholic Insight magazine, the Christian Heritage Party and MacLean’s magazine are now under the guns of the HRCs. Nobody is safe from these appointed interrogators of totalitarian bent. So what can be done to return freedom of speech and freedom of expression to Canadians?

    I believe the HRCs must be abolished. Governments appointed them, therefore, governments can disband them. I would also make the suggestion that perhaps “the Canadian Jewish Congress,” who “pressed Canadian governments to introduce laws limiting free speech” now press Canadian governments to disband the HRCs.

    Stephen J. Gray
    Feb. 6, 2008. website:

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