Of Roses & Condoms

…I guess when I had put on the gloves I thought I was invincible, or at least well-protected from thorns, which I didn’t expect to be poking through my protection.  I remember that I was less careful when I had the gloves on, just grabbing the barbed canes without a thought.  One tends to take more risks when one assumes there’s no possible harm to result from it….(Source)

4 thoughts on “Of Roses & Condoms

  1. Slumbering traditionalists are awakening to find themselves surrounded and their children captured by our Darwinian Humanist Atheist education establishments, and through them our Western Civilization. By teaching children and young adults an entirely pagan sexual ethic than their parents hold, a wedge is driven that makes our kids vulnerable to unhealthy ideas. Homosexuality has been taught to become a valid healthy alternative lifestyle with imposed and protected minority status. Even in spite of the fact that according to the Public Health Agency of Canada HIV and AIDS Surveillance Report 85 percent of AIDS in Canada is in Males who have sex with males. There is no better way to destroy the family than to undermine the sexual exclusivity on which life-long marriage is based. When the family collapes through our education establishments where our lawyers, judges and citizens are educated the country is wide open to cultural revolution.

    Dr. Maria Crenshaw, asked 800 sexologists at the World Congress of Sexology, “If you had available the partner of your dreams, and knew that person carried the HIV virus would you rely on a condom for protection ?”
    Not a single person raised a hand !
    So she accused them all of giving irresponsible advice to youth.
    Condoms have an overal failure rate for preventing pregnancy of ten percent and even a higher rate in the prevention of AIDS transmission because the virus is so small. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health did high-powered X-ray examinations of latex surgical gloves similar to condom latex and found lots of holes 5 microns in diameter. The AIDS virus is 0.1 microns, and can pass through such so-called” protective ” latex without even touching the sides of the hole.
    There are 47 African countries listed on the HIV and AIDS surveillance report and they combined have just slightly more cases than one North American Country the USA. The USA has the highest HIV and AIDS rate in the whole world.
    Why do you suppose that is?

  2. Political Science professor J.Budziszewski states,” A final reason for feeling that one has landed on another planet is that colleges and universities are magnets for extreme beliefs, ideologies and cults. At one school campus feminists protested sex discrimination by marching into town topless ( Take that you sexists!) At another, homosexuals sponsored an outdoor gay “kiss-in”. An Art professor lists on her resume that she tied herself to another artist with a rope for a year. ( She said they never touched.) A Social Science professor, offers a course every year on creating your own reality. ( He says it is very practical.) The sheer weirdness of the new environment puts some students into culture shock.”
    I have also quoted my mentor professor Tom Landers often. Our Darwinian Humanist Atheist education establishments have turned Western Civilization Godless while traditionalists slumber. I think it is time to wake up and be counted.

  3. Hello Garry, I am reading about the Occultic Origins of Darwinism. Please check it out if you have a chance maybe you can see if it adds to your comments or shed some light on the document. Albert Pike, the author of the book on Freemasonry (secret society condemned by many popes) writes about their ultimate goal to infiltrate into governments, schools, universities, and churches to eventually destroy catholicism. Have you read Pike’s writings?


  4. Monique, professor Tom Landers is in Toronto right now, and I don’t know where he will be after that. He goes all over the globe. When I meet with him again I will ask him about Pike. Tom pointed me to the Humanist Manifesto and the father of western education John Dewey, and friends. Charles Darwin’s book, The Descent of Man, is a real eye opener into the Darwinian mindset of a fallen race. Tom has helped me see things as they are. Blessings Monique.

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