Of politics, clueless voters and media hypocrisy

The video below presents an interesting discussion on how Christians politicians in the U.S. are treated by the media.  Canadian politics is no different.

The liberal media hold witch hunts against faithful Christian politicians but they give a free pass to liberal Christians who embrace homosexuality and abortion.  That makes sense on some level.  After all, the liberal Christian politicians aren’t a threat.  Heck, they’re barely even Christian so there’s no reason to fear that they might change anti-family legislation on which the whole liberal lifestyle is based.

But the media overlooks a fundamental lack of logic among these liberal Christian politicians that should make them dubious candidates to hold public office, even in the eyes of atheists.

Take for example liberal Catholic politicians like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or former Prime Ministers Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin.  All of them were considered Catholics.  Paul Martin was even called a “devout” Catholic, apparently attending Mass regularly.  But since they all embraced abortion and legitimized the homosexual lifestyle, the issue of their religion was never brought up.  The media focused on other matters, such as their policies.

But has any of these liberal media types (or the public at large, for that matter) stopped to wonder about the fundamental contradictions in these politicians?  They call themselves Catholics but embrace very anti-Catholic ideas and values.  There are only a limited number of explanations to reconcile this paradox, none of them very flattering:

  1. They’re lying about their faith (the most likely explanation).
  2. They’re lying about embracing anti-Catholic values (not a likely explanation because their policies and voting records testify to where their heart is).
  3. They’re ignorant of what their faith teaches (not likely because some bishops have had private chats with them to set them straight or have issued public statements about their erroneous positions, but the politicians refused to fall into line).
  4. They’re simply confused and don’t see how abortion and a homosexual lifestyle are irreconcilable with Christianity (not likely because of the same reason given in #3).
  5. They’re rebellious and don’t submit to authority, regardless of how convincing it may be.

So these politicians are most likely lying, but could be ignorant, confused or rebels against authority.  None of these options sound like great credentials for somebody to be running a country, wouldn’t you say?

If I was an atheist, I would have to question the sanity of such politicians who live schizophrenic lives or are so confused in their heads.  I wouldn’t trust them to run a lemonade stand, let alone make decisions about our country.  Why do these politicians bother calling themselves Catholics?  It’s completely illogical unless they’re using it to manipulate and dupe people into voting for them.  An honest atheist wouldn’t support illogical behaviour or manipulation.

If I was a liberal Christian, I would probably vote for these types because I would share the same internal incoherence as them.  Liberal Christians think that some teachings are optional and they can pick-and-choose what to believe.  They can be considered to fall into categories #4 and/or #5 above, the confused and rebellious people.  Since they don’t have the luxury of a phone call from their clergy to set them straight, they remain in this unfortunate state.

If I was a serious Christian, I wouldn’t touch these folks with a 10-foot pole.  Yet so many faithful Christians vote for these types.  Why?  Are they brain dead?  Don’t they realize the hierarchy of truths and of issues?  Maybe not, because the clergy doesn’t barely teach this anymore.

Which brings us to the key to this whole problem, at least for Christians.  The clergy haven’t been teaching the faith.  It always comes back to that.  When the shepherds fail, everybody gets screwed.

Of course, the laity have to do their part too, but I don’t think that’s the weakest link at this point.  When it comes to politics, the laity are active.  There are many websites, including this one, and organizations that provide information on how to vote and who to vote for.  That may not be enough, but it’s a start.  The laity are doing something.  Obviously, they can’t be as visible or reach as many people as the clergy because the laity don’t have a pulpit from which they can preach each week to a captive audience.

The clergy is the weakest link at this point.  The clergy needs to instruct their congregations on matters of faith and on how to vote.  But the clergy, in particular the bishops, also have to make it clear that politicians who vote for abominations cannot be considered Christians.  This needs to be acknowledged publicly so that the faithful may learn from it.  We have to end this charade of anti-family Catholic politicians once and for all because the people of God are being so horribly misled.

Will the media get outraged? Or course!  But who cares!  It’s a sign that we’re doing some damage to the culture of death.

Will liberal Catholics be upset?  Of course!  But they need to be taught the Truth lest they end up in hell.

The salvation of souls is at stake.  This is a BIG deal.  The clergy should drop everything and get to work on this.

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