Of Debt & Dildos

OTTAWA, Ontario, May 17, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Canada’s federal government says a tax-funded “tell-all” sex exhibit at Ottawa’s Museum of Science and Technology “cannot be defended” and they are calling on LifeSiteNews readers to complain to the museum. The raunchy exhibit at Ottawa’s Museum of Science and Technology, which encourages youth to practice anal sex and advertises that 14-year-old children can obtain abortions without parents’ permission, sparked an uproar this week in the run-up to its Thursday opening. One of the sections of the sex exhibit displays dildos covered by condoms. The museum falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government’s Ministry of Canadian Heritage and receives about $30 million per year in funding from taxpayers….(Source)

$30 Million for a Museum that sponsors Condom application over Dildos?  The Conservative Government couldn’t find any more savings in the budget, eh?

We’re in a deficit position, our health care is going down the tubes, our seniors are getting their OAS cut back, people are losing their jobs, and we’re funding how to orgasm?

WTF is this? 

I can tell you something. If I was elected PM, the Dildo enthusiasts, abortion-pushers, and everyone else who makes a living off of sterile orgasm would be on the street without a dime in public funds.

One thought on “Of Debt & Dildos

  1. From 2005 to 2008 concerned parents and Canadian citizens united politically across our nation to get a Conservative MP to bring up a Bill in Parliament to raise the age of sex consent, to end the legal sexual exploitation of consenting 14 year old’s by pedophiles, as a human right. Citizens think before you legalize everything, because once legalized it starts to be normalized from Kindergarten as a human right.

    Now The Prime Minister Of Canada and his hand picked Cabinet vote against Traditional Family Values MP’s of their own Party on Bills in Parliament. Which one of his Cabinet is going to be Stephen Harper’s successor , and what Bills are he going to pass into Canadian Laws that will be taught to children from Kindergarten as human rights?

    My mentor and best friend Professor Tom Landers and friends worked and prayed to put an end to this evil so-called human right, that legally allowed sexual predators to sexually exploit consenting 14 year old’s. We published the names of the Supreme Court Of Canada Justices in 2005 and MP’s of our Political Parties and how they voted on this issue, and then asked Canadian citizens if this is what they wanted their Democratic Canada to become? In 2008 we succeeded in getting Parliament to Pass A Bill into Canadian Law to raise the age of sex consent to end this evil exploitation.

    If citizens organize politically to change rotten Canadian Government and Supreme Court Of Canada Law they can succeed.
    The consequences of legalizing evil are dire,as it starts to be taught to schoolchildren from Kindergarten as a human right. I call this moral corruption by establishment. In a democracy good citizens can organize politically to get rotten laws changed, and replaced with righteous ones.

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