OECTA Sponsoring Pro-Condom Group

Here we go….again. 

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association is a rabidly liberal group.  We all know this.  There’s plenty of evidence, going back decades.

Therefore, it will not come as any surprise that some of its charitable endeavours like this campaign called Help Lesotho which is supposed to be helping orphans, vulnerable children and grandmothers is actually doing some other things….like sponsoring Young Women’s Gender Conferences.

And what do they learn at these Conferences?

The impact of the conference was clear in the girls’ eagerness to learn more. During the conference evaluation, girls indicated that they learned how to protect themselves against teenage pregnancy and [learn about] contraceptives. They learned the importance of making good decisions, becoming good leaders in the future and how to share with other teenagers who do not have the opportunity to learn. Their comments included:

 “When I decide to have sex, I will use a condom to protect myself”

Or how about this concern from Ms. Peg Herbert, the Executive Director…

As I read that, I know that the clinic near us has been out of condoms and latex gloves for weeks. How many more will get AIDS because of that? (Source)

Now, it’s true that Help Lesotho does much good and they should be commended for that.  However, they are not a Charity which is in harmony with Catholic teaching, using and approving of means that are part of the problem and certainly not the solution.  Therefore, why is OECTA supporting them?

One thought on “OECTA Sponsoring Pro-Condom Group

  1. Thanks for the information. Our son’s local grade school has been supporting this charity with a read-a-thon each Lent for the past few years. I wondered about this charity, and if it was in line with Catholic teaching. Obviously not. I ripped up my cheque and will send the funds elsewhere.

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