Obama’s Win Should Not Damper Our Hope

Our hope is in Jesus Christ – not in any politician.  The pro-life movement has made extraordinary gains in the last few years in a number of individual States. That trend will continue.

Today’s a new day. We keep our eye fixed on the prize and remember that politicians come and go.  Switching leaders does not win the game.  Changing the culture does win the game, and we have as much opportunity in that arena as our opponents do.

God’s ways are not our ways and we have to be content that where one door closes, others are opened.  Despite what the mockers of God might believe, our prayers were answered last night, just not in the way we think.  God has focussed our strategy in other arenas so that, when the time comes, our victory will be secured in His time and not ours.  For all we know, Romney’s election could have displaced a better man for the job in 2016 and ruined everything.  Besides, perhaps the establishment Republicans will have learned a lesson with their “moderate” choices of McCain and Romney.

Flipping Obama a bone in a dead-duck presidency is not exactly a huge concession, and the Church is not likely to fall back asleep.

Our hope is in Christ, not in political messiahs.

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