Obama the Bully

….It appears that Obama and his team misunderstood American Catholics, and indeed the public more broadly. I think it comes down to a misunderstanding of how Americans live out their “cafeteria Catholicism” in practice: Sure, they reserve the right to disobey Church teachings — but they acknowledge the right of the bishops to define the teachings that they are disobeying. We might put it this way: They do not take kindly to being bullied by bishops, but — and here’s the shock to the Obamaites — they also don’t much like it when bishops are bullied by someone else. Nobody likes a bully, and Obama showed himself to be one in this controversy….(Source)

The Messiah miscalculated on this one, big time.  Now he’s put his next term on the line, instead of being smart and pulling this stunt after the election. Now there is the potential for a “religious war” of sorts in the election.

Bad move, Barry.  You’ve awakened something that really is way, way above your pay-grade.

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