Obama inserts himself as American Pope

…What was surprising, and ought to be disturbing to anyone who cares about religious freedom in these United States, was the president’s decision to insert himself into the ongoing Catholic debate over the boundaries of Catholic identity and the applicability of settled Catholic conviction in the public square. Obama did this by suggesting, not altogether subtly, who the real Catholics in America are. The real Catholics, you see, are those like the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, who are “congenial and gentle” in persuasion, men and women who are “always trying to bring people together,” Catholics who are “always trying to find the common ground.” The fact that Cardinal Bernardin’s undoubted geniality and gentility in bringing people together to find the common ground invariably ended with a “consensus” that matched the liberal or progressive position of the moment went unremarked — because, for a good postmodern liberal like President Obama, that progressive “consensus” is so self-evidently true that one can afford to be generous in acknowledging that others, less enlightened but arguably sincere, have different views….(Source)

Well, when the bishops don’t lead, others will.

If the bishops don’t want to define and discipline, the new American Pope will.

4 thoughts on “Obama inserts himself as American Pope

  1. Obama isn’t stupid, he knew well the controversy the Notre Dame commencement invitation was causing yet he decided to attend anyway. I suggest an agenda was at work here. The goal was to pit Catholic against Catholic. Clever move but ultimately I think it will fail. After reading some of the American Bishop’s reactions to Dr. Jenkins and his arrogant commencement speech I am much more confident there will be strong repercussions.

    You can’t tick off that many bishops and not have at least some of them come after you.

    I smell blood in the water.

  2. President Barack Obama’s first pick as Judge to the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is David Hamilton. As an Indiana trial judge he issued rulings over seven years that prevented the state from enforcing its informed consent law that requires abortionists to inform women about the risks of the procedure. Hamilton served as a board member of the Indiana chapter of the so-called American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Hamiltom ruled that opening prayers in the State Legislature could not include the name JESUS anymore, because it advanced Chistianity. President Obama picks porn lawyer David Ogden as Deputy Attorney General. Ogden opposes restrictions to abortion and pornography. He represented porn magazines and pornographers,who possessed explicit child pornography. Ogden argued that such exploitation is protected. It oght to be alarming that Obama picked a candidate to the Department of Justice who has repeatedly represented the pornography industry and it’s interests. We are witnessing a significant increase in the exploitation of children, and we need people in the Department of Justice who will be dedicated to protecting them. Barack Obama’s radical agenda will restrict citizens power.

  3. Once again Obama does the works of his father who is a liar and teh father of all lies.

    Obama at ND
    I was drawn to be in the church. It was through this service that I was brought to Christ.

    Matthew 10:34
    “Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword!”

  4. Peace on earth to men and women of good will always. Those who live according to the creators design and laws. We have the facts and real science to prove them, but the Darwinian Humanist Atheists who control our culture through our universites, law and all so-called academics choose to be selectively stupid. Truth does not matter to them only getting their own way or sending citizens to jail through liberal politicians and judges that they have educated (brainwashed in Darwinian Humanist Atheism as a way of life). One has to be able to explain what they are saying leaving no shadow of doubt. Obama Liberals are trying to make reason out of non-reason. One cannot get through university without putting Darwinian Humanist Atheist answers on the exams. They restrict citizens power of self government through their Politicians and Supreme Court Justices. Why have we let this happen? I hope this will wake up the sleeping Giant (the church). Who have you been voting for? Say’s my fearless friend professor Tom Landers.

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