Obama Goes After Fox News

Last week we learned of the Obama Administration’s excessive use of force against the Associated Press. Now we learn that a Fox News journalist is being targeted as a potential co-conspirator for leaking government information. Read the scoop here. These two events combined illustrate that Obama is taking a much more authoritarian approach to freedom of the press.
It’s truly bizarre that Obama would attack the press in this manner, given that it has been instrumental in indoctrinating the public to his agenda and getting him elected.Fox News is certainly no friend of Obama, but the liberal media outlets are generally decrying the Administration’s assault on the network. It doesn’t take a genius to see the trend. If I was a media outlet, liberal or otherwise, I’d start worrying if I’m next on the hit-list.

Start connecting the dots: the AP gets raided; the IRS was abusing its power to suppress conservative groups during a presidential election; Fox News gets attacked. Do you see the pattern here? Americans better wake up and realize that their freedoms are being compromised.

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