Obama backtracking on FOCA

So Obama did his thing at Notre Dame. Here is the text of his speech.

He’s so slick and sounds so accomodating and gracious, doesn’t he?  Yes, we must admit that he does.  But behind all that smoothness is a lethal dogma of a pro-abort religion.  Let us not forget that. I’m sure his next Supreme Court pick will bring us back to the brutal reality of what this man has been about his whole political career.

However, there is was one glimmer of hope in his speech. Now, it’s just a glimmer, mind you, and perhaps a huge upheaval can be averted, or maybe it’s just more leftist rhertoric and lies…BUT…he did say…

So let us work together to reduce the number of women seeking abortions, let’s reduce unintended pregnancies.  (Applause.)  Let’s make adoption more available.  (Applause.)  Let’s provide care and support for women who do carry their children to term.  (Applause.)  Let’s honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion, and draft a sensible conscience clause, and make sure that all of our health care policies are grounded not only in sound science, but also in clear ethics, as well as respect for the equality of women.”  Those are things we can do.  (Applause.)

It sure sounds like he is backing off of FOCA, the legislation that would force health care professionals to do abortions.  Maybe he’s reading the writing on the wall….or maybe not. We shall see.  But it does certainly appear that, at the very least, Obama is not as confident in trampling on people’s freedom and consciences as he once was.

Not because he doesn’t want to do it, but perhaps he just can’t do it without losing massive support.

5 thoughts on “Obama backtracking on FOCA

  1. Barack Obama was voted the most liberal Senator in 2007 by the National Journal January 31,2008. Barack accomplished this in two years. He voted no on banning partial birth abortion and Planned Parenthood gives him a 100% rating. He has appointed a liberal Judge and Deputy Attorney General. Barack Obama has placed his value system on the nation. Liberals come in all colours.

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