Nyet to Abortion

Look at what the Russians are talking about.

Well, sooner or later…we all have to grow up and agree that killing babies doesn’t make a lot of sense to society, much less women.

Sooner or later, everyone is going to wake up to the great hoax that abortion solves everyone’s problems. In fact, just like all lies, it creates more of them…a hundred fold.

One thought on “Nyet to Abortion

  1. When I look at the situation of abortion in Russia, I am blown away by how honest the abortionists are. They freely admit that abortion takes a human life. In fact, they will pressure women NOT to have abortions if they think the woman can handle raising the kid. I remember one documentary where one abortionist plainly stated “abortion is legalized murder”.

    It’s too bad their pro-life movement isn’t stronger. They don’t need facts, they need a change of heart.

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