Nuns’ Hurt Feelings Trump Reality

Can you believe this?

My friends, the only thing that bishop Tobin is successful in doing is undermining his own credibility and the credibility of the hierarchy.

That’s the problem with the bishops today. They treat the truth like a cheap rag. And the faithful like useful idiots.

Just as well…like Voris says, these Orders are dying. This “investigation” should have happened…oh…say…30 years ago

By the time the Vatican and the “investigation” finally get it right, the last Feminazi nun will be already dead and buried.

It would have been better for this sham investigation (gee, where have we experienced that before —> Development & Peace, maybe?) to never have happened in the first place.   At least then the bishop(s) who are responsible for “sharing the Nuns’ pain”, would not have disgraced themselves and the offices that they hold.

Bishops are supposed to be protectors of the flock, but can anyone seriously say that with a straight face anymore?  Give me a break.

The problem is that many of these bishops left their testicles back in Seminary….which kind of explains why we have feminist, lesbian nuns running the show in the Western church today.

It’s an unmitigated disaster. 

These feminist tree-huggers need a good, strong, masculine man to put them in their place.

One thought on “Nuns’ Hurt Feelings Trump Reality

  1. Nicolaitans they know they are, but they could care less. When Professor Tom Landers asked for their help in political matters where our laws are made, most were to busy, but many Social Conservatives from all walks of life did help. The real Priesthood are the people who put their faith in Political Action and bring about good laws for those who are exploited. Keep up the good work. Blessings.

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