5 thoughts on “Nunciature responded to my letter

  1. How is this nudge-nudge? As someone who works in a diocesan curia (and who therefore is fairly close to these sorts of things) I actually find this decree spot-on. Canon law often restricts those in authority from undertaking certain kinds of punitive actions, and Bishop Lussier (it seems to me) went as far as reasonably possible in the circumstances.

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  3. Unfortunately, it turns out that point 6 on page 4 was merely a formality. After leaving politics, Fr. Gravel returned to ministry while still maintaining his erroneous positions. Most recently, he has been chaplain of the firemen of Montreal and the police officers of Laval. Many of his dissenting homilies are proudly posted on the website of the diocese of Joliette here: http://www.diocesedejoliette.org/propos/proposliste.htm

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