Number of U.S. Abortion Centers Hit Record Low in 2014

Interesting story. The factors at play are complex so it’s unclear how much of this trend is due to changing mentalities about abortion. There’s also the fact that an increasing number of abortions are done through pills and not in clinics.

But it’s a positive development nonetheless.

One thought on “Number of U.S. Abortion Centers Hit Record Low in 2014

  1. It would be better if Democratic Canadian and Western Civilization would change their Worldview back to Christianity from Secular Paganism,and stop politically brainwashing school children in morbid Kinsey Sex Education using adult school teachers,and homosexual activists,as so-called human rights and social justices. This so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism has infiltrated the church.Being mum on this is dangerous, as their is a Religious leader who changes sides in Revelation,and only the remnant notice.Today their are no Christian Countries in Government,Law and Education.Children are indoctrinated in schools by adults in the tenets of Paganism,albeit the so-called “neutral”Democratic Secular variety.

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