One thought on “Number of Seminarians Exploding

  1. I hope these people are well trained in the eternal perspective of their duties to Jesus, in democratic politics where politicians pass Bills into Laws, that are then imposed on everyone, or the spiral into the abyss of Western Civilization will continue, and Jesus will ask them,”what hindered you?”. Canada is part of the former Western Christian Civilization that was Christian in Government, Law and Education, before the people chose Politically Correct Relativism.
    Remember that after the Jerusalem dispersion believers turned the pagan world 180. Professor Tom Landers used to teach and ask, what hinders you? The answers of their majority to what hinders them, are not rocket science, but lack knowledge. A community that deceives itself about the causes of these effects on Western Civilization, can’t help themselves or anyone else. Will this change? I hope so or the damage to our society will continue in the name of a jesus.

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